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VizyPay Launches VizyPOS, an All-In-One Payment Processing App for PAX POS Systems that Streamlines Transfers and Offers Data-Driven Insights

April 05, 2021 / Anurag Khadkikar

The VizyPOS App for PAX Technology point-of-sale (POS) systems is now available on the PAX App Market, according to VizyPay, the largest payment processing provider for small businesses. The app delivers comprehensive features that allow retailers to monitor all aspects of their transactions within their enterprise and solves major market pain points such as a lack of data analytics and split tender solutions for cash discounting.

Until now, retailers have been required to buy expensive POS stations that require monthly software subscriptions, resulting in additional fees that can be prohibitively expensive for small to medium-sized businesses. VizyPay's new VizyPOS platform is designed for retailers who want greater convenience. It replaces the need for cash registers and conventional payment terminals, lowering monthly overhead costs.

“We took a close look at the existing pain points merchants have and worked to create a solution for them while developing the app,” said Dang Saengchanpheng, Director of Fintech Development and Data Analytics. “Right from the start, we needed a comprehensive solution that offered well-rounded skills for our partners. Although other payment processing options are available in the PAX App Market, we designed our solution to have more specialized functionality. We decided to go beyond and beyond with the reporting functionality in particular. Merchants can now easily see crucial data such as their top revenue-generating products and services, real-time batch reporting, and much more which was previously unavailable."

The VizyPOS app simplifies and manages all aspects of the payment process for retailers. When a retailer downloads the application, they can begin entering their entire inventory of products or services, which can also be handled from the VizyPOS Portal, a supplementary website for the app. They will then take advantage of the platform's extensive capabilities. Amongst all the main features are:

• Cash Discount Program (CDP) split tender—a widely sought-after feature of the industry, retailers can now easily split CDP payments.

• Merchant inventory ranking system—the VizyPOS Portal will strategically notify merchants of which items are the best for their market by ranking each commodity based on profit margin, volume, and the number of transactions.

• Transaction analytics—in addition to the inventory ranking system, the application provides real-time transaction info, enabling the retailer to gain strategic information to help accelerate their business forward.

• Implementation of the Cash Discount Program—After uploading goods or services, retailers that have signed up to use VizyPay's exclusive CDP can conveniently enforce it with only a few taps inside the application.

The VizyPOS application is available for free to all VizyPay users and is currently designed for retail merchants. It is also compatible with the A80 and A920 PAX terminals.

About VizyPay

VizyPay was founded in West Des Moines, Iowa, by three entrepreneurs who had previous small business ownership and extensive credit card processing experience. Their combined knowledge of these various sectors resulted in the ideal cocktail for a credit card processing company that genuinely looked out for the business owner. VizyPay is quickly spreading because it is transparent and simple in an industry that is known for being complicated and manipulative. Their business model is one-of-a-kind and making a big name for itself around the country.