Bluefin and CharmHealth Release New Case Study Featuring Clinic 45

Bluefin | January 12, 2022

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Bluefin the recognized integrated payments leader in encryption and tokenization technologies to protect payments and sensitive data, has announced the issuance of a new case study with Bluefin partner and healthcare EHR provider, CharmHealth.

In 2015, Bluefin partnered with CharmHealth, an award-winning software platform, rated for usability and customer satisfaction by Gartner Digital Markets for cloud-based electronic health record (EHR), practice management and medical billing solutions, to provide integrated payments backed by PCI-validated P2PE through the company’s CharmHealth platform.

Key to meeting the evolution of healthcare is a centralized software platform that allows clinics and practices to not only serve their patients – wherever they are – but to quickly scale with new features to make day-to-day operations simple and efficient.

The case study details the implementation of the CharmHealth platform, including Bluefin’s integrated payments, by Clinic 45, a multi-location medical weight loss clinic based in Texas. Clinic 45 reviewed several EHR systems before they chose CharmHealth platform, which includes Electronic Health Records (EHR), Practice Management (PM) and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) for independent medical practices.

“Charm hit everything that we were looking for, Whether it’s keeping track of inventory or scheduling, it immediately made running our practices simple and efficient.”

- Shlomo Adika, Head of Accounting and Finance for Texas Weight Loss clinic, a Clinic 45 franchise.

“CharmHealth’s EHR is different from other EHR’s. Besides being highly intuitive, CharmEHR allows users to easily customize features to meet the needs of various specialties, Clinic 45 is a large, multi-facility high volume weight-loss clinic with multiple user profiles, and they chose CharmEHR based on ease of use, customization and flexible subscription options. This enabled Clinic 45 to manage their costs and meet their growth targets. We have seen Clinic 45 grow significantly in the last year.”

- Ranjani Rangan, Marketing and Partner Communications Strategist, CharmHealth.

As the preferred provider for point-of-sale and online payments in Charm’s platform, Bluefin offers the highest level of security for payments with encryption and tokenization, protecting the healthcare brand and clients. The case study details:
  • The Clinic 45 business use case
  • Clinic 45’s EHR selection process
  • Choosing CharmHealth and Bluefin integrated payments
  • CharmHealth and Bluefin benefits
  • Clinic 45 and Charm – scaling into 2022

About Bluefin
Bluefin is the recognized integrated payments leader in encryption and tokenization technologies to protect payments and sensitive data. Our product suite includes solutions for contactless face-to-face, call center, mobile, Ecommerce and unattended payments and data in the healthcare, higher education, government and non-profit industries. The company’s partner network currently includes more than 200 processors, payment gateways and ISV’s operating in 47 countries.

About Charm Health
MedicalMine Inc., a CA based company, is the creator of CharmHealth, an award-winning SaaS Digital Health software platform recognized for Customer satisfaction and Usability by Gartner Digital Markets. CharmHealth’s mission is to empower medical groups with clinical tools and technology that improve provider experience and patient outcomes. CharmHealth’s integrated solution is built to provide superior patient care, reduce delivery costs, and provide exceptional access to patients’ medical data. CharmHealth’s suite of products includes Electronic Health Records, Practice Management, Patient Portal for Patient 

About Clinic 45
Clinic 45 is an independent Medical Practice, owned and supervised by Joseph E. Sleiman M.D., with a focus in the areas of Weight Management, Liposuction, Aesthetics and Internal Medicine. At Clinic 45 we strive to build long-term, partnering relationships built on trust and mutual respect. We believe in prevention of disease and promotion of healthy lifestyles for the whole family. We strive to be an efficient and cost-effective practice in meeting the needs of our patients during times of health, as well as in times of illness. We are dedicated to improving people’s lives and helping to prevent obesity. We practice medicine as a team and value the contributions of all our staff in providing excellent medical care and service. Clinic 45 provides consistent care and quality services to individuals based on their specific cosmetic needs. We aim to enhance the partnership between the patients and our medical provider, and we are also dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty, and fairness.


In today’s highly competitive marketplace, grocery retailers strive to create a seamless shopping experience that drives sales and builds loyalty with their customers. IoT-connected devices, such as beacons, video cameras, digital signage, and smart shelves provide access to huge amounts of new data on customer activity and present more opportunities for sophisticated insights and immersive customer engagement.

Other News

Elo Introduces M60 Pay Android-Powered Mobile Computer With Built-in Payment Capabilities

Elo | January 14, 2022

Elo, a leading global provider of Android-powered interactive devices, today announced a major addition to their mobile computer lineup – the Elo M60 Pay handheld computer. The new device brings payment centerstage to empower retail, hospitality, and entertainment businesses to accept payments in store or on the go – wherever customers are located. "We designed the M60 Pay mobile computer to allow businesses to interact efficiently with their customers, and the reaction from our partner community has been amazing, From line-busting and ticketing to tableside and in-seat payment, the M60 Pay makes decentralizing the checkout process and taking payments at the table, at the seat, around the store or at the counter easy." -Craig Witsoe, CEO, Elo. Built to accept today's popular payment and loyalty cards, the new M60 Pay has a built-in EMV, magnetic stripe reader and NFC for cards with chips, stripes and digital contactless payments. The M60 Pay features a large 6-inch HD touch display, a fast Qualcomm 660 octa-core processor and Android 10 OS with Google Mobile Services. The M60 Pay device is designed to last a full shift with its 12-hour battery life,* and its rugged design is purpose-built to endure commercial use. From Mobile to Fixed POS The M60 Pay computer can transform from a mobile to a fixed POS solution. The optional docking station, expansion module and touchscreen monitor allow your M60 Pay computer to become a fixed counter-based point-of-sale terminal. Payment Processing For L1 and L2 certified applications, the Elo Payment SDK makes it easy to integrate the M60 Pay computer into the payment process flow. Elo's own L3 certification via Elo Pay, a SaaS-based payment gateway solution, will allow businesses to set up the M60 Pay to accept payments without any coding or certification. Elo EssentialEdge™ Simplifies Android for the Enterprise With Elo EssentialEdge for Android, developers, IT managers and business leaders can leverage a uniform and continually growing suite of tools across a broad range of applications. Everything from managing connected peripherals like scanners and payment devices to security settings and OS is supported from an enterprise perspective. Among the powerful new features of the platform are Google zero-touch enrollment and OEMConfig capability for easy device configuration and enrollment in conjunction with any mobile device management software. Elo's Android stack is packed with the tools enterprises need, from peripheral support to custom OS updates and security features. The new M60 Pay computer is EloView® ready. EloView is a SaaS platform and toolset for automated device enrollment, content management and remote device management. Available in three versions, EloView offers a free "Core" version for automated device provisioning and OS updates; "Connect," which enables device provisioning and management with a familiar Android desktop interface and "Control," which provides additional security for customer-facing and unattended devices. The cloud-based platform simplifies and automates device deployment, OS updates and configuration. From managing content to monitoring battery statistics, EloView can reduce operating costs and boost employee productivity. Through EloView, businesses can install Elo Home on the device to create a customized, locked-down interface for business-specific apps. And with OS 360, Elo offers security updates, the latest Android OS upgrades and device enhancements to help ensure Elo Android-based devices are secure and performing optimally throughout their lifecycle. OS 360 seamlessly integrates with EloView allowing users to pre-schedule updates and manage OS versions across their fleet of devices. Whether deploying throughout a stadium or across a 10,000-location restaurant chain, EloView makes device management easy at scale. Accessories Built for Convenience The M60 Pay computer supports multiple accessories to extend functionality, including a docking station, expansion module and multi-bay device charger. Four variations of the M60 Pay computer will be released, including an optional 2D barcode scanner to read 1D/2D barcodes even if scratched, folded or stained and models offering built-in 4G LTE connectivity. All models will be available for order beginning this month. Elo Pay will be released this spring.

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Socket Mobile Hosting Free mDL and ISO 18013 Educational Webinar with UL on February 15th

Socket Mobile, Inc. | January 25, 2022

Socket Mobile Inc., (NASDAQ: SCKT), a leading provider of mobile data capture solutions for business applications, is excited to announce that they will be holding a webinar on February 15th, 2022 to explain mobile driver's licenses (mDLs), the ISO 18013 standard, and how their integration into retail POS apps can deliver benefits to both the consumer and merchant. Many states have already begun to roll out systems for mobile driver's license usage. Socket Mobile believes there will be an increasing demand for retail POS apps to support these digital forms of identification as the mDL become an integral part of our lives. This live online seminar will dive into the fundamentals of mDLs, current implementations, and their impact on the retail industry moving forward. About the Presenters: The educational webinar will be featuring speakers Dave Holmes (Chief Business Officer at Socket Mobile) and Alice Chan (Advisor at UL). Dave Holmes of Socket Mobile has over two decades of experience in payments, mobile, IoT and cybersecurity and has been at the forefront of helping to bring those worlds together. "At Socket, we believe strongly that states continuing to rollout mDL will have a big impact on the retail sector. We want our application partners to know the latest developments in this space and how they can benefit from them. We are very excited to bring subject matter expertise from UL to the table and offer this educational webinar for free to our partners," - Dave Holmes, Chief Business Officer at Socket Mobile. Alice Chan is an Advisor at UL, a global independent safety science company with more than a century of expertise innovating safety and security solutions. Alice specializes in identity management and security for clients in the digital identity and payment industries. With their combined experience and different perspectives, Dave and Alice will explore ISO 18013 and mDLs, followed by a LIVE Q&A to address questions attendees may have.

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Convenience Stores Own the Third-Party Delivery Channel with Paytronix Handoff(SM)

Paytronix Systems, Inc. | February 23, 2022

Delivery aggregators and online-only platforms are moving quickly into the convenience store market. Today Paytronix Systems, Inc., the most advanced digital guest experience platform, announced that Paytronix HandoffSM is ready for retailers to manage digital ordering information across all channels. Handoff makes it easy for retailers and restaurants to publish a menu of items out to the various delivery aggregators and then manage inbound orders through a single tablet or Point of Sale system. Handoff provides c-stores with complete control over how items are viewed, described, and priced regardless of through which channel those items appear, including on DoorDash, Uber Eats, Postmates, and GrubHub. This helps c-stores add incremental sales to each location while streamlining operations, ensuring order integrity, and increasing customer satisfaction. According to data from Edison Trends, convenience store online spending grew by 346% in 2020, outpacing growth in both grocery and restaurant categories. The same report notes that DoorDash is the big player in the market. Paytronix Handoff works with the most popular POS systems and leading third-party digital delivery platforms to: Eliminate the need to continually check multiple tablets for information; Digitally connect third-party aggregators with internal POS systems and store operations; Provide a single point of entry for all online orders as they come in; and Enable store-level employees to more easily manage stock digitally, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. “The c-store market is changing rapidly with third-party delivery platforms and online-only companies focusing on 15-minute delivery of center-store items, Traditional c-stores, with great locations on major transportation routes, have an opportunity to truly own this new order-ahead and delivery ecosystem, but they need the right systems in place to make it happen. Paytronix Handoff, and the full Order & Delivery offering, gives c-stores what they need to grab incremental sales and successfully compete against delivery-only brands.” -Paytronix CEO Andrew Robbins. Employing the latest cloud technology, Paytronix enables rapid processing of digital orders. It has an easy-to-use ordering interface, digital ordering management tools, more than a dozen POS integrations, and the best loyalty integration on the market today. In addition, Paytronix has established partnerships with premier third-party aggregators. Paytronix Systems, Inc. Based in Newton, Massachusetts, Paytronix is a provider of SaaS customer experience management (CXM) solutions for restaurants and convenience stores. Through its innovative software design and integrations with more than 30 widely used point-of-sale systems, Paytronix empowers more than 1,800 brands across 34,000 locations, giving them the flexibility to deliver unique, revenue-enhancing guest experiences. Through one-to-one engagement with more than 285 million guests via Order & Delivery, Loyalty, CRM, and Stored Value, Paytronix delivers artificial intelligence features that motivate increased visits and spending throughout the customer journey.

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Datalogic announces the simple solution for produce identification at grocery POS

Datalogic | January 31, 2022

Datalogic, a global leader in the automatic data capture and factory automation markets, is excited to announce the new Magellan™ 9800i TDi (Top Down imager). A color camera accessory for the flagship Magellan 9800i bi-optic multi-plane scanner. Retailers can now add time-saving AI-based features like produce identification to one of the world’s most powerful fixed retail scanners. The evolving retail environment faces the challenge of fast throughput and easy produce identification. The current check out process can be slow, cumbersome, and prone to errors. Customers, especially at self check-out systems, often have to wait while produce is being identified, leading to frustration when having to manually pick from a list of possible matches. These types of mistakes can be costly for retailers due to lost revenue and low customer satisfaction. The Magellan 9800i TDi cuts the produce identification time down from 15 to 2 seconds. Top class imaging and lightning-fast AI ensure that the user experience is seamless. The Magellan 9800i TDi is 7” (17.78cm) high and fully integrated with the Magellan 9800i. Datalogic has utilized the same form factor and rugged features as the successful TDR (Top Down Reader), ensuring years of trouble-free service. The Magellan 9800i TDi captures clear color images which can then be fed into AI or machine learning software to enable powerful features like Produce Identification. The Magellan 9800i TDi is compatible with third-party software applications utilizing the USB Video Camera (or UVC) interface protocol. Datalogic has agreements in place with the major AI software vendors, making the upgrade process simple. Like the TDR, the Magellan 9800i TDi is easily retrofittable to your existing Magellan 9800i and allows our customers to leverage the investment they’ve already made. The added image capture capability of the Magellan 9800i TDi utilizes white light illumination that is synchronized with the red illumination in the base scanner. Not only does it provide perfectly captured images, but the white light assists by “seeing” items that are within transparent or semi-opaque bags. Additionally, the Magellan 9800i TDi can co-locate with our existing TDR, which means current Magellan 9800i customers don’t need to give up market-leading barcode scanning performance to gain powerful color image capture functionality. Color cameras and imagers are growing in popularity in the retail world as a great way to enhance the check-out experience in both manned and self check-out lanes. Image recognition and object detection help retailers provide a more satisfying and error-proof shopping experience for their customers. With the Magellan 9800i TDi, Datalogic makes the process of adding produce recognition to your retail operation as simple as possible. About Datalogic Group Global leader in the automatic data capture and factory automation markets since 1972, Datalogic empowers the efficiency and quality of processes in the Retail, Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics and Healthcare industries. Datalogic S.p.A. is listed in the STAR segment of the Italian Stock Exchange since 2001 as DAL.MI.Datalogic and the Datalogic logo are registered trademarks of Datalogic S.p.A. in many countries, including the U.S.A. and the E.U. Other trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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In today’s highly competitive marketplace, grocery retailers strive to create a seamless shopping experience that drives sales and builds loyalty with their customers. IoT-connected devices, such as beacons, video cameras, digital signage, and smart shelves provide access to huge amounts of new data on customer activity and present more opportunities for sophisticated insights and immersive customer engagement.