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Walmart Merges Grocery, Shopping Apps

May 14, 2020 / PYMNTS

Say goodbye to one Walmart app.
In a few weeks, the world’s largest retailer will phase out its standalone grocery app.
In a Q&A sent to customers, the Arkansas-based chain explained that the grocery app is not going away – it’s simply being integrated with Walmart’s original app.
The reason? Walmart said customers told the retailer they want simplicity.
“After listening to customer feedback, we found that customers wanted to shop without switching between apps,” Walmart said in its letter.
One of its most important features, pickup and delivery, can be found on Walmart’s other app.
The grocery app will face extinction through June.
App Annie reports that Walmart’s grocery app recently hit an all-time high in downloads, surpassing Amazon by 20 percent. As of April 5, the most recent rankings available, Walmart Grocery ranked No. 1 among shopping apps in the U.S.