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Shooters World Orlando Sets A New Benchmark For The Future Of Gun Retail

July 07, 2019 / Pamela N. Danziger

While a growing number of politicians and citizens are taking aim at the $52 billion American gun industry to restrict the sales and ownership of weapons, there is another equally-engaged group that are vigorously defending the industry and people’s right to bear arms. On the front lines of the culture’s gun battle are the nation’s gun retailers. They recently took a hit when the Safer America organization released an incendiary study, called Firearms + Frappucinos, conducted by data visualization company 1point21 Interactive, that claimed:  “There are more gun dealers in the U.S. than grocery stores (37,716), McDonald's (14,098), total coffee shops (55,246), and almost 6 for every Starbucks (10,843).”