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Retail Therapy: Amazon is going to Coachella

March 29, 2019 / Kaarin Vembar

It's been another weird week in retail. Bathtub tray manufacturers simply don't understand how women use the product, Amazon is all locked up with Coachella and Oreos are the next trend in beer. The salad option is truly the real MVP of possible items that could be placed on a bathtub tray. It also sparks a memory of Edith Zimmerman's 2011 article "Women Laughing Alone With Salad" for The Hairpin, which simply featured stock photos of women having a jolly time while eating lettuce. That piece rightfully caused an uproar when it was pointed out that women simply cannot get enough of their hilarious vegetables. Bonus points to the lady who is having both a glass of wine and a cup of coffee during the same bathing experience. The heat plus caffeine plus alcohol is going to make for a fantastic Tuesday night. GQ is reporting that Anna Sorokin, dubbed the "SoHo Grifter," hired someone to pick out clothes for her to wear to courtroom appearances. If you are unaware of the scandal, Sorokin allegedly made a group of very fancy New York city people believe that she was a very fancy German heiress and managed to swindle people and banks out of money. Allegedly.