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Retail Packaging Recycling Innovation Goes Prime Time

July 16, 2019 / pymnts

As Prime Day continues to roll along, retailers are doing anything and everything possible to capture consumers suddenly inspired to go on a midsummer shopping spree. But while most retail innovators are wondering how much they can sell this week, Seattle-based recycling startup Ridwell is taking a very different tack to celebrating Prime Day. Like everyone else, Ridwell is thinking hard about what it will be bringing in on Prime Day. But unlike everyone else, the firm isn’t thinking about bringing in money. In fact, it is using Prime Day as a reason to give away its services. Instead of trying to capture dollars, Ridwell is going after trash   the recyclable kind. And as tens of millions of consumers have billions of boxes shipped out over the next few days as they collect their Prime Day (and Prime Day adjacent) bounties from the USPS   Ridwell is offering to come and collect all that packaging free of charge.