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Reliance's acquisition of Hamleys takes the retail war to global shores

May 10, 2019 / businesstoday

Reliance Industries' Rs 620 crore buyout of British-origin Hamleys gives it access to the Hamleys' network of 167 stores in as many as 18 countries. In fact, this acquisition is the Indian retailer's first move to fight Amazon and Walmart on the global turf. The last year has seen the bankruptcy of the world's biggest toy retailer, Toys R Us, which is known to have clearly lost out to Amazon and Walmart. Amazon, by virtue of being an online retailer, was able to offer far more stock keeping units (SKUs) and variety to the consumers than Toys R Us could, while Walmart clearly superseded the retailer by bagging all the important merchandising deals. The consumers didn't feel the need to visit a Toys R Us store, as they found it all in Walmart. They preferred shopping under one roof for both groceries as well as toys.