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Mastercard, Samsung partner to safeguard digital identities

May 24, 2019 / Tatiana Walk-Morris

Mastercard and Samsung said in a press release that the two companies would team up to help consumers "conveniently and securely verify their digital identity on the mobile devices they use every day." Through the global digital identity service, customers will be able to access and prove their digital identities on and offline, according to the release. Consumers will also be able to use their digital identification to complete routine tasks such as verifying their age for 21 and up venues, entering office buildings, ordering prescription medications or proving their credit history during financial transactions like opening a bank account or renting an apartment, a company spokesperson told Retail Dive in an email. The service will "make it quicker and more convenient for users to register for new services," the spokesperson continued. It will remove the need for users to continually type out personal information or go through authentication processes while providing identification verification to reduce fraud and identity theft.