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June Delivers the Lowest Monthly Decrease for Retail Sales in Over Five Years

July 24, 2019 / Michael Guta

People buy things online, but they go to brick and mortar retail stores for the shopping experience. The new data from the RetailNext Performance Pulse June 2019 report proves this very point. According to the report, June delivered the lowest monthly decrease in retail sales in more than five years. Coming in at -0.3%, this has been a great month for retailers. When you compare it to the -7.4%, -5.0%, -7.5%, -2.7%, and -5.0% of the previous five months, things are indeed looking up. For small retailers who are competing with online retail giants, the news couldn’t be more welcomed. But in order to keep customers walking through their doors, they have to create and improve experiences customers want. This also comes at a time when online retailers are moving to the brick and mortar space.