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Global ecommerce brings in $147 billion for U.S. web retailers in 2018

October 02, 2019 / Don Davis

U.S. online retailers are selling a lot to consumers in other countries but they could be selling more. In 2018, the 889 U.S.-based retailers in Internet Retailer’s rankings of North America’s Top 1000 retailers by web sales sold $147.3 billion to consumers in other countries. While Amazon.com Inc. alone accounted for 44% of those sales, other U.S. retailers sold $82.5 billion internationally via ecommerce, and $64.9 billion when excluding sales to Canada and Mexico. However, only half of U.S.-based Top 1000 retailers ship to consumers outside of North America, Internet Retailer data shows. That’s despite the fact that 57% of consumers in both Western Europe and Eastern Europe and 48% in Asia/Pacific buy from retail websites outside their own country, according to a 2018 global survey by online payments company PayPal.