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Consumers want a variety of shopping channels, reveals survey

January 29, 2020 / retailcustomerexperience

A good majority of consumers, 72%, tend to shop retail brands that allow them to purchase and return across channels. That's a prime finding from a enVista Retail Market Research report that also stated consumers want a seamless shopping experience across digital and physical environments, according to a press release. The survey also revealed 95% of retailers plan to have a single commerce platform in place within three years, and of those retailers with a platform two-thirds acknowledge the system needs improvement. "Retailers are focused on unifying commerce to drive profitability, customer service and competitive advantage; however, it is easier said than done. Successful unified commerce implementations require a platform that has a common data model that delivers a single enterprise version of customer data, key item attributes, inventory, order and fulfillment allocation, pricing and payment," said enVista CEO Jim Barnes in the release.