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VizyPay Announces the Overhaul of VizyPOS App to Enhance Customer Experience

VizyPay | February 07, 2023 | Read time : 02:06 min

VizyPay Announces the Overhaul of VizyPOS App to Enhance

An industry-disrupting payment processing fintech company, VizyPay aims to empower small-town businesses with reliable, simple, and transparent services and recently announced the overhaul of its VizyPOS app. The updates will offer improved customer experience with a facelift to graphics and imagery, overhauling the Cart and Inventory for better usefulness and, most significantly, giving users a place to go to get help from a customer service team. The updated and enhanced help center enables small business owners to reach VizyPay support within 30 seconds to fix any problems.

VizyPay's commitment to providing the best payment tools to small businesses is at the forefront of every decision, including the VizyPOS update. Ease of use and modernizing the graphics with a new color scheme are part of the overhaul. In addition, VizyPOS offers merchants resources generally found in full POS systems, which are built for Pax terminals, providing split tender capabilities, built-in inventory management, data-driven insights, and extensive profit reporting for merchants to have a smooth and smart business functioning.

Furthermore, VizyPOS simplifies implementing VizyPay's award-winning Cash Discount Program. This flexible and transparent subscription program seamlessly incorporates card swipe fees into pricing, allowing small businesses to offset up to 100% of processing fees. All VizyPay customers can use VizyPOS for free, which is compatible with the A80 and A920 PAX terminals.

About VizyPay

Founded in 2017 VizyPay is an industry-disrupting payment technology service provider for businesses across the United States. The company offers a credit card processing model aiming for effective payment solutions and real human customer support, and simple merchant services. Based in Waukee, Iowa, the company supports retail and restaurant locations with POS integrations, physical terminals; online businesses with shopping cart capabilities, professional service businesses, and on-the-go merchants with mobile payments.


The Digital Dining Revolution: How Self-Ordering Kiosks are Reshaping Restaurants.Self-Ordering Kiosks and advanced POS solutions are revolutionizing the restaurant industry in the Digital Dining Revolution. Empowering customers, enhancing efficiency, and catering to diverse merchant needs, GRUBBRR® leads the way. Embrace innovation and change for a brighter future of dining experiences. Cheers to the Digital Dining Revolution!


The Digital Dining Revolution: How Self-Ordering Kiosks are Reshaping Restaurants.Self-Ordering Kiosks and advanced POS solutions are revolutionizing the restaurant industry in the Digital Dining Revolution. Empowering customers, enhancing efficiency, and catering to diverse merchant needs, GRUBBRR® leads the way. Embrace innovation and change for a brighter future of dining experiences. Cheers to the Digital Dining Revolution!

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REPAY Partners with Zappix to Streamline Payment Acceptance

Businesswire | July 26, 2023

Repay Holdings Corporation ,a leading provider of vertically-integrated payment solutions, today announced a partnership with Zappix, a leading provider of digital customer service solutions, to offer streamlined and secure payment processing within Zappix’s self-service platform. By embedding REPAY’s payment technology, Zappix customers can provide a more convenient payment experience while offering a suite of payment solutions, including card and ACH. Utilizing the integration with REPAY, Zappix's visual self-service and automation solutions deliver realtime payment processing, enabling faster transactions and higher payment success rates. The combined solution also eliminates the need for third-party payment portals or manual intervention, which reduces touchpoints to sensitive customer data and increases security. With REPAY, Zappix can expand the operational benefits offered to its customers, including financial services, healthcare, government, utilities, insurance and more. “At Zappix, we’ve built a strong foundation of trust with our customers by putting an emphasis on delivering exceptional user experiences,” said Bob Barrows, Head of Partnerships and Business Development at Zappix. “As the digital landscape continues to evolve rapidly, organizations across industries are seeking efficient and seamless payment processing solutions – and REPAY is the perfect fit for our customers’ needs.” “There’s an incredible number of similarities between the value points Zappix’s solutions bring to the market and REPAY’s commitment to pinpointing new, innovative ways to enable its customers to provide frictionless payment experiences,” said Jake Moore, EVP, Consumer Payments at REPAY. “We’re excited to partner with Zappix and look forward to continuing to find new ways to innovate the payment experience alongside the company in the years to come.” About REPAY REPAY provides integrated payment processing solutions to verticals that have specific transaction processing needs. REPAY’s proprietary, integrated payment technology platform reduces the complexity of electronic payments for clients while enhancing the overall experience for consumers and businesses. About Zappix Zappix transforms the user journey during contact center interactions – from a voice encounter to a mobile on-demand visual experience. They provide businesses with an innovative digital self-service solution focused on mobile users that improves customer experiences while reducing their costs.

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HotelRunner Acquires PayPad in a Strategic Move Into On-Premise Sales Operations

Newswire | September 21, 2023

Founded in 2016, PayPad is a cloud-based, smart sales system designed exclusively for restaurants, hotels, and retail stores. PayPad expanded into the global market with a client base in the United Kingdom, Spain, the United States, and Türkiye. This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone in HotelRunner's mission to offer a comprehensive, all-in-one solution with a specific focus on the hotels' on-premise sales and payments. With its new and advanced identity, HotelRunner POS presents an effortless and effective way to run food and beverage operations, offering accommodation businesses a fresh avenue to enhance their revenue streams. Fully integrated with HotelRunner PMS, HotelRunner POS allows accommodations to manage their on-premise sales and payment operations with ease. Hoteliers can accept payments in multiple methods, analyze every aspect of their business, and take AI-driven, intelligent, and automated actions resulting in enhanced productivity and increased profitability. This development represents a momentous shift for HotelRunner as it delves into on-premise sales operations for the first time, highlighting its sales-first approach in the hospitality and travel technology landscape. In January 2023, the company closed a successful Series A round and stated that the funds would be used to continue to build a solid global presence, grow the team, and invest heavily in delivering cutting-edge technology. Standing behind its commitment, over the past year, HotelRunner has achieved remarkable product launches, including Insights, Autopilot, and Review Center, all of which have been instrumental in advancing toward its goal of providing a holistic platform powered by innovative technology. This milestone marks the third acquisition in HotelRunner's ongoing acquisition spree aimed at consolidating the industry under its roof while proudly extending its offerings to serve the diverse needs of its partners. Arden Agopyan, Founder and Managing Partner of HotelRunner, said, "Our strategic acquisition of PayPad and the birth of HotelRunner POS aren't merely about enhancing our product offerings; it's a bold leap toward our vision of building a bigger travel economy. As we welcome HotelRunner POS into our expansive ecosystem as a foundational part, we solidify our presence in the payments and sales verticals in travel and hospitality. We're proud to shape the path toward industry consolidation and usher in a transformative era, reinforcing our brand's legacy." Ali Beklen, Founder and Managing Partner of HotelRunner, added, "With PayPad seamlessly integrated into the HotelRunner's unique market-network, we're spearheading a technology revolution that forms the cornerstone of a unified digital travel ecosystem. Beyond elevating the guest experience and optimizing operational efficiency for accommodations, this strategic move underscores the power of frictionless all-in-one platforms as the key to success. This acquisition unlocks a new untapped opportunity and sets a path to delivering unrivaled value and pioneering innovation for our partners." Veysel Berk, the Founder of PayPad, also shared his thoughts on the acquisition: "HotelRunner is democratizing the use of technology for every player in the global ecosystem. As both teams share the same values, culture, and product principles, we are thrilled to join forces with HotelRunner and become part of its broad vision. PayPad, revamped as HotelRunner POS, will play a pivotal role in adding exponential value to properties worldwide, ushering in a new era of advanced sales solutions in travel and hospitality." HotelRunner POS will be gradually rolled out worldwide to offer the best experience to all accommodation businesses, starting with existing HotelRunner partners. For more information, you can visit here. About HotelRunner HotelRunner is a data-driven SaaS-enabled unified sales, operations, and distribution management platform and B2B network for accommodations, travel agencies, and payment providers. HotelRunner has thousands of accommodation and travel agency partners globally. HotelRunner is a Booking.com Premier Connectivity Partner and Best Overall Performing Partner, Expedia Preferred Connectivity Partner, Airbnb Software Partner, Agoda Innovative Supplier, Oracle, Hotelbeds, trivago, and Google Hotel Ads strategic partner.

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Indigo Extends Partnership to Continue Leveraging Tulip's Mobile POS Solution

PRnewswire | August 08, 2023

Tulip is pleased to announce the renewal of its successful partnership with Indigo, Canada's leading book and lifestyle retailer. The collaboration, which commenced in 2017, has proven to be instrumental in enhancing Indigo's line busting capabilities, resulting in improved customer experience and smoother store operations. The renewal will extend the partnership to March 31, 2025. Tulip's mPOS solution has revolutionized the way Indigo manages checkout queues and streamlines transactions. By leveraging next-gen technology, the solution enables Indigo's store associates to assist customers and process purchases directly from the shop floor, reducing wait times and providing a seamless shopping experience. "Indigo has always been committed to delivering exceptional customer service and staying at the forefront of retail innovation," said Carla Keown, SVP Retail Strategy & Operations, Indigo. "Tulip has been instrumental in achieving these goals, and we are thrilled to renew our partnership with them. Tulip's mPOS solution empowers our store associates to deliver personalized service and streamline transactions, ensuring our customers enjoy a frictionless shopping experience, especially during key gifting occasions." The renewed partnership solidifies the long-standing collaborative relationship between the two companies, and is a testament to the success of Tulip's mPOS solution which will enable Indigo to continue to deliver unparalleled customer-centric service. "Indigo's dedication to the customer experience aligns with our mission to empower retailers through innovative mPOS solutions," said Ali Asaria, CEO of Tulip. "We look forward to building upon the success we have achieved together and supporting Indigo in driving exceptional in-store experiences." About Tulip Tulip provides a suite of cloud-based solutions that let retailers overcome industry challenges and set a new standard for omnichannel commerce. Partnered withApple and Salesforce, Tulip equips sophisticated retailers to build connections with customers, fulfill orders, checkout purchases, and optimize operations in order to create the end-to-end experience modern customers expect. Leading retailers like Mulberry, Saks Fifth Avenue, Kendra Scott, Kate Spade, COACH, and Michael Kors use Tulip to elevate the shopping experience, increase sales, and improve customer service across channels. About Indigo Books & Music Inc. Indigo is a publicly traded Canadian company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (IDG). Indigo is Canada's leading book and lifestyle retailer, offering a curated assortment of books, gifts, home, wellness, fashion, paper, baby and kids products, that support customers by simplifying their journey to Living with Intention. Indigo believes in real books, in living life fully and generously, in being kind to each other and that stories – big and little – connect us.

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