Upstart Auto Retail Named Fastest Growing Digital Retail Software for Auto Dealerships

Upstart | August 02, 2022 | Read time : 02:26 min

Upstart Auto news
Upstart (NASDAQ: UPST), the AI lending marketplace, today announced it has been named the fastest growing auto retail software in the U.S. for Q2 2022, according to data released by Automotive Market Data. From April to June, nearly 240 dealerships went live using Upstart Auto Retail, which was the highest level of growth among dozens of auto software platforms in the survey.1

Our market data shows Upstart Auto Retail had the highest net growth in dealer count in the second quarter of this year, including preferred and exclusive OEM digital retail providers, said Pete Batten of Automotive Market Data, a leading supplier of automotive market insights.

The rapid adoption of Upstart Auto Retail among car dealerships is thanks to its unique combination of in-store customization for dealerships and online access for customers. Earlier this year, Upstart announced that it added mobile-first retail capabilities to its platform, further optimizing the customer experience. Subaru and VW were the latest OEMs that announced support for Upstart Auto Retail, joining Toyota, Lexus, Mitsubishi, and Kia, as well as top franchised dealers from 37 brands including Ford, Honda, and BMW.

“We saw an early opportunity to create a more transparent, seamless experience for both dealerships and customers, which is now being realized in the market, With inventory shortages, dealerships, OEMs, and customers are all looking for a retail experience that reduces time, cost, and complexity. The rapid growth of the Upstart Auto Retail platform indicates a bigger opportunity to enhance how people are buying and financing their cars, which we look forward to bringing to innovative dealer groups across the country.”

-Michia Rohrssen, General Manager of Upstart Auto Retail.

The growth marks an important milestone for Upstart, which continues to transform the car buying experience for customers and dealers – from browsing and selecting a car to quickly securing the best rates for an auto loan. Upstart introduced AI-powered financing to the auto market in 2021, so dealerships could offer affordable financing to more of their customers. Upstart’s AI models take into account more than 1,000 data points to paint a more accurate picture of creditworthiness than traditional credit scores.

About Upstart:
Upstart (NASDAQ: UPST) is a leading AI lending marketplace partnering with banks and credit unions to expand access to affordable credit. By leveraging Upstart’s AI platform, Upstart-powered banks and credit unions can have higher approval rates and lower loss rates for every race, ethnicity, age, and gender, while simultaneously delivering the exceptional digital-first lending experience their customers demand. More than two-thirds of Upstart loans are approved instantly and are fully automated. Upstart was founded by ex-Googlers in 2012 and is based in San Mateo, California and Columbus, Ohio.


Payment Settlement - Restaurant POS System (Cloud)


Payment Settlement - Restaurant POS System (Cloud)

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Big Chicken Selects PAR Technology’s Brink, Data Central and PAR Pay to Streamline Digital Operations

Big Chicken | July 06, 2022

ParTech, Inc. (PAR), a global restaurant technology company and provider of a unified commerce cloud platform for enterprise restaurants, today announced that Big Chicken has selected PAR’s Brink POS, Data Central Backoffice and PAR Pay for its food and beverage in-store technological requirements. Big Chicken, the star-powered fast casual chicken concept founded by NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal, will utilize PAR’s leading software solutions to streamline its digital platforms. By choosing to partner with PAR and incorporate its software systems early in its growth phase, Big Chicken is aiming to ensure that it will avoid the typical growing pains of an emerging brand with overall guest satisfaction continuing as it opens multiple new restaurants. “The foresight that Big Chicken had to incorporate PAR’s unified commerce platform so early in their expansion plans will not only help maximize each restaurant’s efficiency and profitability, but make sure that the focus stays on the guest experience, We believe in each of our customer centric solutions and feel that by implementing them all together, Big Chicken’s leadership team, its team members and especially its guests will benefit from the guidance and support of our industry-leading software and support staff to confirm each restaurant operates smoothly.” -Savneet Singh CEO & President PAR. Brink POS, PAR’s robust point-of-sale (POS) solution, allows restaurants to integrate suppliers, accounting and payroll systems directly into the POS and consolidate information all in one place which in turn enhances the back of house experience with streamlined and more intuitive functions and procedures and therefore improving the front of house experience between restaurant and guest. Data Central, PAR’s back of house software, standardizes and centralizes data streams like inventory management and labor management across all restaurant locations. PAR Pay is a subscription payment middleware application that is mobile and gift card friendly. We’re thrilled to announce this partnership and believe PAR and its solutions will help us ensure that all of our software works cohesively so we can focus on doing what we do best — serving our guests, said Big Chicken CEO Josh Halpern. With several locations open and more than 150 in the development pipeline, our growth isn’t slowing down anytime soon and we want our franchisees and their teams to be able to focus on our food and our guests. To do that we need tools that can guarantee ease, correct & precise analytics, and consistency of service. PAR will be the point guard of our tech stack. About Big Chicken- Founded in 2018, Big Chicken is backed by a dream team of partners; JRS Hospitality, an accomplished Las Vegas-based ownership group; Authentic Brands Group, a multi-national, multi-billion-dollar brand development, marketing and entertainment company; and Hall of Fame basketball star Shaquille O’Neal. Big Chicken fuses O’Neal’s home-cooked childhood favorites with today’s trending flavors. From crispy chicken sandwiches and tenders to Cheez-It® crusted mac n’ cheese and hand-crafted ice cream shakes, each menu item tells a story all while offering guests an inside look into the life and personality of Shaquille O’Neal. With two traditional locations currently open and several in the development pipeline, Big Chicken is prepped to begin U.S. and international expansion through franchising. To learn more about Big Chicken, visit www.bigchicken.com. About PAR Technology Corporatio- For more than 40 years, PAR’s (NYSE Symbol: PAR) cutting-edge products and services have helped bold and passionate restaurant brands build lasting guest relationships. We are the partner enterprise restaurants rely on when they need to serve amazing moments from open to close, during the most hectic rush hours, and when the world forces them to adapt and overcome. More than 100,000 restaurants in more than 110 countries use PAR’s restaurant hardware, software, drive-thru, and back-office solutions. With the recent acquisition of Punchh Inc., leading SaaS based customer loyalty and engagement solutions provider, PAR has become a Unified Commerce Cloud Platform for Enterprise Restaurants.

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Picnic Works™ and Minnow Technologies Create Partnership to Bring Enhanced Automation Solutions to Foodservice Industry

Picnic Works | August 20, 2022

Picnic Works, a Seattle-based developer of kitchen automation technology, today announced a partnership with Minnow Technologies, a neighboring Seattle IoT startup that has developed the Pickup Pod™, a self-service pickup solution for foodservice operators. The partnership leverages the expertise of both companies to help commercial kitchens, stadiums, large franchises, universities, and commercial food service providers envision and enable end-to-end food automation services. This includes a focus on mobile and kiosk ordering, automated food assembly, and secure contactless pickup solutions. "Both companies share a desire to create automation solutions for the foodservice industry,"Minnow's cloud-connected pickup solutions are an excellent complement to Picnic kitchen automation technology. From mobile ordering to secure pickup, together we offer a complete modern automation solution." Clayton Wood, CEO of Picnic The partnership will build customized solutions using the two companies' technology. Examples include building out new concession concepts at theme parks, stadiums, or schools. A customer can place a mobile or kiosk order that is made automatically by the Picnic station and then put in a heated or insulated Pickup Pod for the customer to retrieve at their convenience. At universities, students can place mobile pizza orders which are assembled by the Picnic Pizza Station and then picked up from a Pickup Pod. End-to-end automation solutions like these can help increase the efficiency of a kitchen at peak times, reduce food waste through efficient just-in-time ordering and production, and increase customer satisfaction with ordering and pickup. "We're thrilled to be partnering with Picnic to bring leading-edge automation solutions to foodservice operators," said Steven Sperry, CEO and co-founder of Minnow. "Our goal is to create solutions that delight diners while improving the efficiency and profitability of kitchens. By leveraging Picnic kitchen automation technology and Minnow's pickup offering, we have an opportunity to bring best-in-class automation solutions to our customers." The Picnic Pizza Station is autonomous and completely customizable for each order – after loading the dough, the Picnic station takes care of applying the sauce, cheese, fresh-cut pepperoni, and additional toppings. The finished pizzas are then loaded into the kitchen's ovens for cooking. Each hour, the Picnic station can assemble up to 100 pizzas. The Picnic technology also allows for integration with a kitchen's point-of-sale (POS) equipment and mobile ordering platforms. The customer roster for the Picnic Pizza Station includes managed foodservice providers Compass, Chartwells, and Sodexo Live!, Texas A&M University, The Ohio State University, SeaWorld, and numerous regional pizzerias with new customers coming online weekly. The Minnow Pickup Pod is an IoT-enabled, smart food locker that provides restaurants, ghost kitchens, cafeterias, and other foodservice operators with a self-service order pickup solution. Instead of leaving delivery and takeout orders on an unattended shelf, which inevitably leads to pick up errors and shrinkage, orders are kept in secure, insulated cubbies. To help ensure food safety and freshness, the Pickup Pod monitors every pickup, alerting the foodservice operator when food isn't picked up within a specified time. Minnow Pickup Pods are proudly made in the USA by Hatco Corporation, a world-class foodservice equipment manufacturer. Today, Pickup Pods can be found in more than 15 states and most major cities including Atlanta, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Washington D.C, and Chicago with new installations happening weekly. The Picnic Pizza Station and the Minnow Pickup Pods are NSF and ETL/UL certified, feature online connectivity, support integration with popular point-of-sale (POS) services like Toast and Square, and are supported with cloud-based software and over-the-air firmware updates. With a strong foundation of shared technological capabilities and an understanding of how to create customer-focused automation technology, the partnership between Picnic and Minnow sets the standard for food automation solutions. About Picnic: Founded in 2016, Picnic Works (hellopicnic.com) has collected an experienced team of food and technology industry veterans to develop and provide specialized intelligent technology and exclusive solutions for the food service and hospitality industries. Restaurants, convenient and grocery stores, university and corporate campuses, casinos, hotels, cruise lines, sports venues, catering groups, healthcare cafeterias, small kiosks, ghost kitchen operators, mobile food operations, food trucks, delivery, and military sites are among the many segments poised to benefit from the company's automated food assembly platform integrating RaaS, software, cloud, and deep learning technology. About Minnow Founded in 2017, Minnow's smart food lockers (called "Pickup Pods") provide a better way to manage order pickups. With a modern design and a small footprint, Pickup Pods are perfect for restaurants, ghost kitchens, cafeterias, and other places where food is picked up. They can also streamline food deliveries to office buildings, multifamily properties, universities, and hospitals.

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Sunyard and Emerico Enter into Partnership for Payment Solutions

Emerico | September 15, 2022

Sunyard, a global leading payment solution provider, has established the partnership with Emerico, a world-leading digital transformation company, to offer POS terminals i80 and payment solutions for worldwide market. Through this cooperation, Emerico enables its customers even more options for quick and easy payment. The fully certified i80 is compatible with all payment transactions.The i80 is designed with a customized Android operating system. Full certification including PCI PTS 6.x, EMV L1 & L2 prevents your information from leakage in the best possible way. Comprehensive communications make your transactions always frictionless. The smart internet management platform also allows any number of payment terminals and makes the system easy to expand. Emerico prides themselves as being pioneers and associate themselves with the most seasoned technological partners in their respective industries. From seamless integration to borderless customer support, together with the world's finest strategic partners including Cisco, IBM, IDEMIA, Fujitsu, Emerico creates and develops responsive and reliable solutions for customers. With the addition of Sunyard Android mobile terminals, the Emerico portfolio expands to include another important segment. "It will offer numerous advantages for merchants and end customers from a technological perspective," explains Emerico team. "We look forward to bringing more smart payment solutions to the region as we grow. The cooperation will help thrive the guest experience in the modern age of omni-channel payments and untangle the complex world of payments." "We are pleased to partner with Emerico to provide our payment terminals to our Asian customers,We look forward to more partnership with Emerico and its strong business network to provide merchant with reliable, rugged solutions with our innovative payment terminals." Jier Chen, Sales Director, Sunyard Technology At Sunyard, we're constantly expanding and evolving our portfolio of products to help you grow your business. Everything we do is backed by the expertise, support, and commitment that you already trust us for. Our culture of care means we invest time, energy, and resources to develop products you can count on. We care about quality as much as you do. Whether you need advice, more information or to make an order, we're here to help. About Sunyard Sunyard Technology Co., Ltd, the leading global payment solution provider, is offering cost-effective, superior quality payment terminals and financial software products including payment password system, same-city liquidation system, corporate e-bank system, risk alarm system, etc. As the earliest listed financial IT company in China (SSE Code: 600571), Sunyard has achieved the leading position in the field of financial industry with more than two decades of professional experience. Based on the solid foundation in the domestic market, Sunyard is committed to expanding the international market according to its development strategy. About Emerico Emerico is a world-leading digital transformation company, offering an end-to-end solution for customer experience with the aim to effectively enable your customers to make more key interactions that deliver greater levels of business. Emerico delivers an extensive portfolio of smart digital solutions and innovative technology for you to enhance customer experience, which is supported by comprehensive success services and consultancy that can ensure maximum project efficiency and cost savings. Emerico has won many awards, including the "Winner of BID World Quality Commitment Award in Paris 2015".

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