Toshiba's Retail Division Opens Innovation & Incubation Hub in Frisco, Texas

Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions | August 09, 2022 | Read time : 03:49 min

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The retail industry is evolving, and retailers seek new and innovative ways to meet consumer demands across channels. Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions is establishing a strategic presence in Frisco, Texas, to attract high-tech talent and technology partners for developing new solutions and incubating future innovation. As a hub for the company’s initiatives to meet the growing demand to reimagine the store of the future, the expanded footprint will:
  • Accelerate the company’s growth strategy through investments in cloud development, computer vision and retail IoT
  • Increase the company’s commitment to technology partnerships to incubate new retail innovation
  • Broaden capital investments, including a new team dedicated to mergers & acquisition

"As a recognized leader in digital transformation in the retail industry, we are focused on providing scalable, customer-centric solutions that deliver optimized experiences to meet consumers when, where and how they shop, While many tech companies are cutting back, we are investing significantly and expanding to meet new demand created by our commerce platform recognized for accelerating digital transformation to deliver an exceptional retail experience."

-Rance Poehler, president and CEO, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions.

Supporting its investment in digital retail transformation, Toshiba is recruiting people with cloud, microservices, and edge computing skills to drive innovation and development of its ELERA™ unified commerce platform, enabling the evolving technology needs of the world's largest retailers. The company is also expanding its collaboration with innovators who have best-in-class solutions that demonstrate unique value to retailers.

"We are nurturing the incubation of ideas to innovate and advance our industry-recognized retail solutions like ELERA, Toshiba's open, modular platform for unified commerce. Its core value is its ability to help retailers become more agile and resilient in the face of change, Part of our strategy includes engaging emerging startups in the region to expand our ecosystem. Our investments in IoT, data analytics and computer vision enable retailers to provide a consistent, compelling experience for consumers, whether they shop in-store, at curbside, on their mobile device, or at home."

-Mike Yeung, Executive Vice President and CTO, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions.

Toshiba will initially bring 50 new jobs to the area in 2022, with plans to triple that number over the next two years. "We are thrilled to welcome Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions to Frisco," said Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney. "Toshiba's research and development expansion brings new corporate innovation jobs that will provide great opportunities for Frisco residents and further expand our tech ecosystem. This is a big win for Frisco and adds another internationally recognized brand to our rapidly growing portfolio of top-tier companies."

With 150 new jobs planned over the next two years, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions’ new innovation hub in Frisco is great news for North Texans looking to capitalize on exceptional tech opportunities offered in our state, said Governor Greg Abbott. “Texas is the top state for high-value business investments because companies like Toshiba are attracted to our unmatched business climate and highly-skilled, diverse workforce. I look forward to working alongside Toshiba as we further cement Texas’ position as a global leader in technology and as the top state for tech jobs growth in the nation. 

The company's Durham, North Carolina location continues to serve as the global headquarters driving these global investments and growth strategies. The greater Dallas area was a strategic choice for the company's expansion because it is a central hub enabling rapid connectivity to our other development centers in Raleigh/Durham, Guadalajara, Mexico, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo, and cities across Europe.

The Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions office is in Hall Park – 3201 Dallas Parkway, Suite 600, Frisco, Texas 75034. The sixth-floor 14,341 square foot space features 15 offices, four conference rooms, 51 workstations, a break area, and a lounge. Additionally, employees will have access to Hall Park's amenities, including a state-of-the-art fitness facility, cafe, lounge, walking trails, electric vehicle charging stations, and more.

About Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions:
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions is a global market share leader in retail store technology and retail’s first choice for unified commerce solutions. Together with a global team of dedicated business partners, we advance the future of retail with innovative commerce solutions that enhance customer engagement, transform the in-store experience, and accelerate digital transformation.


To keep pace in a decade of disruption, banking industry respondents in the Accenture 2017 Global Risk Management Study are investing in technology, integration and talent to drive value from their risk functions.


To keep pace in a decade of disruption, banking industry respondents in the Accenture 2017 Global Risk Management Study are investing in technology, integration and talent to drive value from their risk functions.

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