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Tasker Payment Gateways LLC Celebrates 8 Years of BBB Accreditation and an A+ Rating

PRnewswire | May 26, 2023 | Read time : 03:25 min

Tasker Payment Gateways LLC Celebrates 8 Years of BBB

For 20 years, Tasker Payment Gateways LLC has been a reliable partner for high-risk e-commerce businesses, offering payment gateway integrations and merchant account recommendations to USA-based tactical, premium cigar, vape, pipes and glass, indie video game makers, and other websites that struggle to find reliable credit cards processing.

Despite the challenges faced in the high-risk payment processing industry, the company has maintained a flawless A+ rating with the BBB for the past 8 years, along with zero customer complaints and a top rating on TrustPilot.

Matt Tasker, president of Tasker Payment Gateways, attributes this success to the company's focus on building solid relationships: "We recognize that high-risk payment processing can be intricate and involve many moving parts. From assisting vape merchants with in-person delivery payments to helping businesses accept credit cards for Farm-Bill-compliant cannabis seeds online, our dedicated independent agents invest time in understanding each client's unique needs and providing personalized support throughout the process. Our commitment is to make payment processing seamless and stress-free for our clients."

Tasker Payment Gateways LLC's impeccable track record includes zero customer complaints, zero negative reviews, a 100 percent customer loyalty score with the BBB, and all positive reviews on TrustPilot.com. The company's success is rooted in its dedication to understanding high-risk websites' priorities and finding innovative solutions to overcome payment processing challenges.

A key concern for many merchants is the ability to use their preferred site builder. Tasker Payment Gateways LLC caters to high-risk merchants using popular site builders like Shopify and WooCommerce, offering compatible payment processing solutions. They have also developed high-risk payment gateway guides for other site builders and shopping carts, such as Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and GoDaddy, enabling merchants to maintain their current website builder and still accept credit cards.

E-commerce businesses value the technical assistance with payment processing setup and the prompt, personalized service received from Tasker Payment Gateways LLC's dedicated independent agents. In a BBB review, a pipe and bong website owner expressed gratitude for the swift and hassle-free credit card processing, stating, "Tasker Payment Gateways LLC pulled my online small business out of the fire within 2-3 Days! He {my rep} offered me unparalleled effort, honesty, and kindness while also solving all of the payment gateway issues for my functional glass business." A TrustPilot review states, "As a new small business owner 4 years ago, I wasn't fully aware of gateways and processors. Our business was even more complex as tobacco accessories are regulated as a high-risk vendor. I was so fortunate to find {our new account rep at TaskerPaymentGateways}. He took time to educate me and got our business up and running."

High-risk online merchants often struggle to find payment processors willing to work with them. Legal yet high-risk products are often restricted by major payment gateway brands like Stripe and PayPal, which power many shopping carts under different names. As a result, websites selling items like CBD, pipes and glass, alcohol, premium cigars, tactical items, or FFL transfers online are at risk of having their payment processing shut down if they use the built-in payment gateway that comes with their shopping cart. Tasker Payment Gateways offers payment gateway integrations and, crucially, recommends a compatible merchant account tailored to the specific products being sold, ensuring merchants won't face shutdowns due to their product type.

Matt Tasker states, "Over the past two decades, we have been fortunate to build many trusted relationships within the e-commerce industry. Our goal is to continue operating with integrity, transparency and a customer-first approach, regardless of whether or not a partnership results. We strive to offer tailored guidance and support for business owners seeking solutions for accepting credit card payments for higher-risk products. One terrific thing about us is that our recommendations come at no direct cost because we are compensated through our network of trusted partners and providers."

About Tasker Payment Gateways LLC

Tasker Payment Gateways LLC is an e-commerce service company that strives to help whether you are a small business looking to learn about chargeback mitigation, or a well-seasoned internet guru looking for the best payment gateway and merchant account recommendation for your regulated product or service.We pride ourselves on being the only place you need to be when looking for a way to take and manage payments online and offer the most popular payment gateways, e-commerce services, merchant account recommendations, and chargeback mitigation products available.


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Embark on a journey with The Easts Group as it elevates its customer experience and optimises financial operations through a partnership with Till Payments. Discover how Till's cutting-edge payment solutions streamlined the venue group's workflows and unified their brand experience across four iconic venues in New South Wales. From real-time financial visibility to simplifying invoice payments for event bookings, witness the remarkable transformation that's helped The Easts Group set new standards for hospitality.

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TreviPay Expands Payments Technology with Cross-Currency Capabilities for Business Buyers

Business Wire | August 24, 2023

TreviPay, the global B2B payments and invoicing network, today released a new capability to support cross-currency sales between businesses, showcasing its commitment in orchestrating choice, convenience and efficiency in B2B payments to merchants around the world. TreviPay, which operates in 32 countries and in 20 currencies, can now facilitate transactions when the buyer seeks to be invoiced and pay in a currency different than the currency disbursed to the merchant. This enhanced trade credit capability will bolster buyer loyalty, which begins at the payment. While global commerce capabilities are increasingly important, not all merchants are able to establish a bank account in every preferred currency of their customers,” said Brandon Spear, CEO of TreviPay. “TreviPay’s enhanced technology and cross-currency solution empowers geographical expansion and makes global trade more accessible to merchants across all sales channels.” Conducting business in today's expanding global markets can be difficult when dealing with multiple currencies. Recent research1 by TreviPay revealed that having an easy first payment and a consistent purchasing experience were within the top 3 important factors for business buyers. As part of its strategic focus in offering loyalty-building payments experiences, TreviPay’s cross-currency transactions update will enable more buyers to select their preferred payment method and currency at checkout. The same research highlighted that 72% of global business buyers are more loyal to a company that offers their preferred payment method. While cross-currency capabilities are becoming essential in industries such as manufacturing and online retail, a notable use case is found in the travel sector, for merchants such as a large-scale hotel chain with many US-based hotel franchisees. In this instance, most corporate travelers would likely be US-based buyers, however others might be looking to book from outside of the United States and pay their invoice with a different currency. For example, some Canadian-based travelers prefer to pay their invoices in Canadian Dollars (CAD). TreviPay’s solution allows American franchisees to enable foreign exchange so that all Canadian travelers can purchase from them in CAD, instead of setting up a separate business account in CAD for payout. In addition to TreviPay’s cross-currency updates, the company has also rolled out numerous portal improvements to improve ease and efficiency for customers, including being able to change primary customer contacts quickly and easily, update trusted device sign-ins and expanded options for company buyer hierarchy capabilities. To learn more about TreviPay’s solutions for facilitating global business growth with cross-currency transactions, visit www.trevipay.com. The study was conducted by Murphy Research on behalf of TreviPay from May 17th to June 2nd, 2023. The results are based on a comprehensive review of 300 global B2B buyers. About TreviPay At TreviPay, we believe loyalty begins at the payment. By understanding the diverse and unique requirements of B2B sellers, TreviPay’s global B2B payments and invoicing network enables enterprises to provide payments choice and convenience, open new markets and automate accounts receivables. With more than four decades of experience, TreviPay serves leaders looking to build loyalty while driving efficiency and embracing new digital channels, especially in industries with large distribution networks such as manufacturing, retail, and transportation.

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PacSun Elevates Shopping Experience and Expands Its Unified Commerce Offerings with Manhattan Active® Point of Sale

Businesswire | August 23, 2023

Manhattan Associates Inc. announced PacSun, a leading specialty retailer of emerging youth brands and trending fashion, has selected Manhattan Active® Point of Sale to enhance its omnichannel sales strategy and deliver a seamless, unified customer shopping experience. PacSun delivers an exclusive collection of relevant brands and styles to a community of inspired youth through its online store and more than 300 stores nationwide. By adding Point of Sale to its successful Manhattan Active Omni Order Management implementation, PacSun will enhance interactions with its customers, ensuring a consistent experience across all channels as part of its shift to unified commerce. PacSun already leverages Manhattan Active Omni's industry-leading order management and store inventory and fulfillment capabilities. Expanding its solution set to include Manhattan Active Point of Sale rounds out the company’s omnichannel offerings and gives associates a single, intuitive experience across all in-store selling, engagement and fulfillment functions. This solution helps PacSun deliver a more personalized and modern shopping experience to consumers at the most important touchpoint – the point of sale. “The addition of Manhattan Active Point of Sale is a pivotal moment for PacSun as we solidify our position as a leader in unified commerce,” said Shirley Gao, CIO of PacSun. “We highly value the comprehensive and robust nature of the entire suite of Manhattan Active Omni solutions, including Point of Sale. This powerful application gives us access to advanced Omnicart capabilities, customer interaction insights, clienteling, customer-controlled fulfillment and endless aisle functionality to deliver an advanced omnichannel shopping experience to our customers.” “With Manhattan Active Point of Sale in place, PacSun is well-positioned to continue its success as a leading fashion destination for both Gen Z and Millennial shoppers,” said Bob Howell, executive vice president of Americas for Manhattan Associates. “We are proud to support this innovative retailer, and we are delighted they chose our next generation point of sale solution.” ABOUT PACSUN PacSun is a leading specialty retailer offering a cross section of emerging brands and trending fashion through the lens of youth culture. Throughout the contemporary, streetwear and active lifestyle markets, PacSun partners with the best brands to offer curated collections, rare and exclusive products, and creative collaborations on every level. Founded in 1980, Newport, CA. Curated in Los Angeles. ABOUT MANHATTAN ASSOCIATES Manhattan Associates is a technology leader in supply chain and omnichannel commerce. We unite information across the enterprise, converging front-end sales with back-end supply chain execution. Our software, platform technology and unmatched experience help drive both top-line growth and bottom-line profitability for our customers. Manhattan Associates designs, builds and delivers leading edge cloud and on-premises solutions so that across the store, through your network or from your fulfillment center, you are ready to reap the rewards of the omnichannel marketplace.

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ParkMobile to Bring Digital Parking Payment Solutions to the University of Arizona Campus

PR News Wire | September 01, 2023

ParkMobile, the leading provider of smart parking and mobility solutions in North America and part of EasyPark Group, is partnering with the University of Arizona to integrate ParkMobile reservations at 13,311 off-street parking spots on-campus. Students and visitors of the university will now be able to reserve and guarantee a parking spot for athletic and other special events via the ParkMobile app or web browser. "As we continue to extend our market presence in the Southwest and inch toward our goal of making cities more livable, we're thrilled to partner with the University of Arizona to bring our app to its campus. With school starting soon, students and visitors of the university will now be able to reserve a guaranteed parking spot," said David Hoyt, managing director of ParkMobile. This year, ParkMobile is prioritizing strategic partnerships with colleges and universities to create a seamless, stress-free experience for students and visitors with a parking payment app that they are already using. ParkMobile serves over 140 colleges and universities, with 608,439 users in Arizona and reach in primary cities in nearby states. Jim Sayre, Executive Director of Parking & Transportation Services, said of the university's partnership with ParkMobile, "We're thrilled to continue to offer innovative delivery of services to our customers. The implementation of the platform will continue to allow our special eventgoers the opportunity to reserve a parking spot ahead of time to make for an improved parking experience." ParkMobile is available for both iPhone and Android devices, and can be accessed on a mobile web browser. To make a parking reservation, users can search for the event venue in the ParkMobile app or web browser, then select the lot where they would like to park in. After the reservation is booked, it can be redeemed at the location using a mobile pass in the ParkMobile app or a printed permit. About ParkMobile ParkMobile, a part of EasyPark Group, is the leading provider of smart parking and mobility solutions in North America, using a contactless approach to help millions of people easily find, reserve, and pay for parking on their mobile devices. ParkMobile’s services have been adopted by over 40 million consumers and are available in more than 3,000 locations, including 39 of the top 100 cities in the U.S. ParkMobile’s services include on- and off-street parking, airport and event reservations, transient reservations, and municipal parking permit solutions. ParkMobile serves over 500 cities, 150 events and venues, 150 universities, and 20 airports with on-demand, permit, and reservations parking solutions.

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