Samsung Taps ViewPoint Interactive Solutions to Collaborate on Smart Kiosks

ViewPoint | March 31, 2022

ViewPoint Interactive Solutions (“ViewPoint”), creators of high-performance touch, voice and gesture-powered interactions, today announced that it has been selected by Samsung to partner in the development of its powerful performance kiosks. Known for its award-winning in-house teams of UX (user experience) and visual designers, and custom software developers, ViewPoint will work with the respected global tech leader to develop high-performing digital kiosk experiences.

“In our enduring pursuit to build the most revolutionary technologies and capabilities to help brands enhance customer interactions and gain cost-and-time efficiencies, we enlist best-in-class partners,” commented Chris Mertens, Vice President of US Sales, Displays at Samsung Electronics America. “The ViewPoint team brings exceptional creative vision and technical excellence that has strengthened our ability to make our kiosks more intuitive and flexible, and incorporate additional built-in tools and captivating, high-impact visuals.”

Samsung’s appealing TIZEN-based self-service kiosk is low-cost, flexible and rich with innovative, secure and contactless capabilities. It seamlessly allows for use in any business setting, including retail, restaurants, grocery, hotels, casinos, stadiums and arenas. Streamlined management enables remote, rapid diagnosis and problem solving on deployed kiosks from any web-accessible devices.

Combined with ViewPoint’s custom software and capabilities, Samsung’s kiosks empower businesses to deliver sought-after features such as endless aisles with point-of-sale (POS) functionality such as payments and gift cards, user-centric content management systems (CMS), front- and back-of-the-house order management systems, and near-field communication (NFC) for mobile wallets like Apple Pay.

“Samsung continues to disrupt the kiosk market with its world-class technologies that drive innovation and deliver future-ready products. We are incredibly enthusiastic about working with their team given how much our technologies and expertise align. For that reason, we’re positioned to equip businesses with all-in-one tools to help them address their challenges more effectively while boosting interactions with their customers.”

ViewPoint’s Director Philip Chila

ViewPoint’s team of UX and visual designers, content creators and software developers can customize and tailor interactions and integrations on Samsung’s kiosk, and create best-in-class HD content to offer next-level personalized experiences with stunning visual impact.

About ViewPoint Interactive Solutions
ViewPoint Interactive Solutions creates high-performance touch, voice and gesture interactions through visually stunning experiences, allowing companies to showcase their products through captivating interactivity. This helps customers and sales teams better understand how the products work and solve business problems. ViewPoint’s technologies offer unmatched capabilities and features resulting in highly immersive, customized experiences that power brand storytelling through seamless integration of video, imagery, digital content and striking state-of-the-art animation.

ViewPoint is part of Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS) www.ics.com, which has been helping Fortune 1000 companies create transformative products for over 30 years.


If there’s one challenge every online seller faces, it’s this: The e-commerce industry is in a constant state of evolution. Consumers are more tech-savvy and informed than ever before, and they’re continually adopting new methods for online buying. As a result, a whole new set of doors has been opened to manufacturing brands. Once tethered largely to wholesale and resale, brands can now choose from a variety of effective sales channels.


If there’s one challenge every online seller faces, it’s this: The e-commerce industry is in a constant state of evolution. Consumers are more tech-savvy and informed than ever before, and they’re continually adopting new methods for online buying. As a result, a whole new set of doors has been opened to manufacturing brands. Once tethered largely to wholesale and resale, brands can now choose from a variety of effective sales channels.

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LEFCON, LLC Enters Master Service Agreement with Sage Hospitality

LEFCON | March 16, 2023

LEFCON, LLC, a national technology support organization, recently announced entering into a Master Service Agreement (MSA) with Sage Hospitality Group for its corporate headquarters in Denver and the majority of its portfolio of more than 110 hotels and restaurants in the United States. As part of the Master Service Agreement, LEFCON is the primary technology partner for Sage's corporate headquarters, assisting with infrastructure, day-to-day technology solutions, and innovative solutions to keep Sage at the forefront of hospitality services as the industry evolves. LEFCON also provides support for the majority of Sage's hotel and restaurant offerings, including POS systems, back-of-house technologies, and event and guest service requirements. James Lefcakis, President of LEFCON, said, "What we love about our partnership with Sage Hospitality Group is that they are interested in continuing to innovate the hospitality industry through technology systems and support." He added, "LEFCON not only provides excellent day-to-day customer support but we are always looking for new and creative ways to engage with guests through tech, as well as streamline services throughout hotels and restaurants. This partnership will allow us both to think up new and creative ideas while providing excellent service to Sage's properties." "LEFCON has been a trusted partner of Sage for many years, and we're excited to enter into this MSA to continue to provide excellent service to our properties and owner/partners," mentioned Matt Schwartz, Chief Technology Officer at Sage. He also said, "We look forward to bringing new innovations to our hotels and restaurants that will enhance the guest experience and continue to position Sage as an industry leader in the lifestyle sector." About LEFCON Founded in 2000, LEFCON provides a highly specialized managed services solution that is customized to match the needs of each hotel organization, drawing on more than 25 years of experience providing professional IT services to the hospitality industry.LEFCON offers top-tier solutions for email, asset management, security and compliance, and proactive network monitoring, all of which are backed by a 24/7 support team and a state-of-the-art network operations center. As a business focused on hospitality technology, LEFCON offers services like consulting, opening management, network design and build, new construction build, project governance, and turnkey IT solutions.

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Airwallex Launches Global Payments in Canada, Further Building on Expansion in Americas

Businesswire | April 20, 2023

Airwallex today announced the launch of its global payments services in Canada. The launch will empower Canadian businesses to tap into Airwallex’s global payments and financial platform, offering a faster, more cost-effective and transparent alternative to the traditional banking platform. Businesses in Canada can now access Airwallex’s key offerings, including local currency accounts in over 12 currencies, a multi currency wallet in 44 currencies and payouts to 150 countries with its proprietary local payment network. The full suite of Airwallex’s global products, including multi-currency cards, spend management and online payments will be progressively rolled out in the market. “To thrive in today’s challenging global economy, businesses must be able to scale without borders, move money across currencies with ease and manage their finances across markets with a single integrated platform,” said Ravi Adusumilli, General Manager of Americas. “Airwallex is excited to support the ambitious Canadian businesses who wish to grow internationally, quickly and economically, as well as international businesses who have operations in Canada.” Airwallex already supports a number of Canadian businesses across eCommerce, professional services and technology sectors. These customers leverage the centralized Airwallex platform to simplify payments, from collections to payouts, streamline multi-currency management and optimize cost savings. “With the launch of global payments services in Canada, Airwallex will be able to empower local businesses even more, to stay competitive, grow their customer base and expand to new markets,” Adusumilli added. Airwallex’s further expansion into Canada comes on the heels of strong growth in the Americas region, where its customer base increased by more than 300 percent YoY. Globally, Airwallex continues to scale at pace, covering more than 150 countries, and enabling US$50 billion in annualized transactions. Last month, the company secured an online payment license in China, becoming a third-party payment provider in one of the largest ecommerce markets in the world. This adds to Airwallex’s existing licenses in markets around the world, including Australia and New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the European single market, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and the United States. Founded in 2015 in Melbourne, Airwallex is one of the world’s fastest growing financial technology companies today, operating across Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Americas with nearly 1,300 employees in 19 major locations globally. Airwallex (Canada) International Payments Limited is licensed to do business as a Money Services Business (MSB Registration No. 14460) with Revenu Québec, and is registered as a Money Services Business (MSB Registration No. M19395067) with FINTRAC. About Airwallex Airwallex is a global payments and financial platform for modern businesses. We remove the unnecessary friction and cost inherent in the traditional financial system to help entrepreneurs achieve their global ambitions. Leading companies around the world trust Airwallex to manage everything from payments, treasury, and spend to embedded finance - all in one single platform.

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Klarpay AG Enhances Global Payment Solutions with Local ACH Payments in 40+ Currencies

PRnewswire | June 02, 2023

The integration of international ACH payments significantly streamlines the process for in-country transfers, providing faster clearing times and significantly lower transaction costs for both senders and recipients. "This addition to our platform enhances the capabilities of our customers, allowing them to seamlessly process payments both internationally and domestically, ultimately driving efficiency and cost savings," said Martynas Bieliauskas, CEO of Klarpay AG. "Our mission is to provide flexible, reliable, and cost-effective payment solutions for our clients around the globe. This expansion is a testament to that commitment." In an increasingly globalised world, the ability to perform secure, efficient, and low-cost transactions across borders is crucial. The new multi-country ACH capability is particularly beneficial for online companies with international operations needing to process salary payments, social media monetization platforms paying influencers, freelancers and online businesses needing to send payments internationally. About Klarpay AG. Klarpay AG is a leading fintech company offering online businesses access to multi-currency IBAN accounts, global payment acceptance, and digital disbursement solutions. As the first Swiss-licensed fintech company to work exclusively with e-commerce, digital entrepreneurs, and social media influencers, Klarpay seeks to empower digital businesses through borderless, scalable, bespoke business accounts and payment solutions. Founded in 2019, Klarpay AG is a deposit-taking financial institution authorised and regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) under the Swiss Federal Banking Act, Article 1b.

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