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Reshyne Revolutionizes Jewelry Industry With Launch of New Repair Service Management Platform

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Reshyne (, a first-of-its-kind repair service management platform, launched to help jewelry and watch retailers of all sizes unlock new business opportunities and increase company revenue. The Reshyne solution empowers global corporate retailers, independent designers, and every business in between to revolutionize repairs with a high-octane platform designed to usher the jewelry and watch industry into the digital age.

The Reshyne platform streamlines every aspect of repairs, allowing retail companies to supercharge both the services they offer customers and the way they manage repairs through their business. With Reshyne, retailers can offer customers a fully branded experience, from browsing a menu of repair services to placing orders, printing out shipping labels, completing payment, and tracking progress in real time. At the same time, Reshyne unlocks full visibility into the entire repair organization, making it easy for retailers to manage vendors, and partners, streamline workflows, improve productivity, and increase revenue.
  • Complete customer experience: Customers browse a fully branded menu of services, place and pay for orders, request estimates, print shipping labels, and track order status.
  • End-to-end visibility for teams: Store owners, associates, and employees get a robust POS, assign repair work to in-house or third-party vendors, and manage workflows.
  • Enterprise & corporate management: Increase efficiency, improve productivity, cut costs, boost revenue, and manage relationships, all from within the platform.
  • Vendor accountability & communication: Vendors can provide pricing estimates and status updates, submit before and after photos, and invoice retailers for work completed.

Retailers can implement Reshyne without changing their vendors, suppliers, or partners; the solution simply makes it easier for jewelry and watch companies to do more of what they do best. For companies that already offer repairs, Reshyne increases customer loyalty and lifetime customer value. For jewelry and watch brands introducing repair services for the first time, Reshyne unlocks an entirely new revenue stream without the investment or overhead required to build an in-house repair department. Reshyne also offers fulfilment capabilities, completing and delivering fine jewelry repairs on your behalf from two state-of-the-art facilities in New York.

"Reshyne delivers much needed innovation to an industry that has been stuck in the dark ages for decades, Most jewelry and watch businesses are bogged down with unwieldy legacy systems and ineffective manual processes; some still use paper order forms. But contemporary consumers are increasingly digital. They expect and demand tech-enabled experiences from the brands they do business with. In 2020, global e-commerce sales totaled almost $4.3 trillion. By 2024, that number is expected to climb to nearly $6.4 trillion. The incredible expansion of e-commerce represents an existential threat for any retailer that has yet to meet consumers where they are: online in the digital world."

- Jason Yakubovich, founder and CEO of Reshyne.

MJJ Brilliant, the industry-leading parent company behind Reshyne, tested the platform internally on sister brand, Quick Jewelry Repairs, before launching it to the public. With over four decades of experience at the cutting edge of the industry, MJJ Brilliant was able to put Reshyne through its paces, refining and evolving the platform's functionality in order to develop this first-of-its-kind digital transformation tool for jewelry and watch companies.

About Reshyne
Reshyne is a first-of-its-kind service management technology platform that helps retailers make the most of repairs. The software's fully customizable customer-facing storefronts, dynamic operations tools, and robust revenue dashboards unlock sustained revenue growth for jewelry and watch retailers of all sizes. MJJ Brilliant, Reshyne's parent company, infuses the platform with over 40 years of proven leadership and a mission to revolutionize the jewelry and watch industry. Reshyne is a private company headquartered in Long Island City, New York.



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