Oracle to Launch Food and Beverage Payment Cloud Service

Oracle | June 30, 2022

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Oracle, an American multinational computer technology and payment solutions providing company, announced the launch of its new Oracle Food and Beverage Payment Cloud Service to assist restaurants to eliminate hidden fees and offer their customers to use payment options of their choice. With the help of this service, hotels and restaurants across the US can now accept payments through a number of innovative contactless payment solutions such as Google Pay, credit/debit cards, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay, without any unexpected fees or hidden costs.

Oracle’s Payment Cloud Service provides transparent, defined fee rate pricing without a long-term commitment or a need for minimum monthly payments, in contrast to certain competing products in the market. The service is PCI/DSS compliant and has end-to-end encryption and high-security standards since it is powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). As a result, restaurants may provide a variety of payment options to their customers while maintaining predictable payment processing expenses that help them maintain a healthy bottom line.

"Hidden fees and long-term contracts have long been an issue with payment processors in the food and beverage industry with many providers capitalizing at the expense of independent operators who often already run on thin margins.He stated, With the Oracle Payment Cloud Service's transparent fixed 'pay-as-you-go' pricing model we have eliminated those concerns and provided restaurants a one-stop-shop for their entire restaurant technology and payment processing needs."

    -Simon de Montfort Walker, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Food and Beverage

The grace period is rapidly waning for restaurants to become a fully digital enterprise to meet customer expectations and better manage every piece of their operation – from inventory to service fees, said Dorothy Creamer, senior research analyst, Hospitality and Travel Digital Transformation Strategies at IDC. Giving customers choice in payments is important, but it can often come at a heavy price tag for restaurant operators in an already difficult operating environment. Transparency in fee structures and having a single provider for POS and payment processing support can reduce complexity and potentially improve margins.


Retail Business Ideas You Can Start on a Budget Startup Business IdeasYou can open your own used bookstore, either in a set location or online. Buying used books is a fairly inexpensive prospect as far as inventory is concerned.You can also open a consignment store, which sells second-hand goods as well but offers money back to people who bring in their items.


Retail Business Ideas You Can Start on a Budget Startup Business IdeasYou can open your own used bookstore, either in a set location or online. Buying used books is a fairly inexpensive prospect as far as inventory is concerned.You can also open a consignment store, which sells second-hand goods as well but offers money back to people who bring in their items.

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CommentSold Launches Point of Sale Solution Built on Stripe Terminal, Featuring Real-Time Inventory Management, Fraud Protection, Extremely Low Fees

CommentSold | September 23, 2022

CommentSold, the leading live video commerce solution enabling retail businesses to unlock sales growth through live selling, today announced the launch of its point of sale (POS) system built on Stripe, a financial infrastructure platform for businesses. This addition to CommentSold’s suite of solutions for retailers gives them access to a unified solution for in-person and online purchasing, inventory management, and seamless shopper experiences.Stripe Terminal is an in-person payments solution for modern businesses that will power CommentSold’s POS system and help online merchants augment their live selling revenue. Retailers use the CommentSold platform to simplify and automate retail operations, and marry their in-person and online presence through interactive shopping experiences. “Live selling is the future of retail, and consumer demand for it is growing rapidly. As retailers manage both online and in-person sales, it is increasingly important to get omnichannel inventory and payment handling right,We are thrilled to launch a point of sale system that ties directly into a shop's e-commerce platform. Our point of sale offering brings much-needed simplicity to our merchants as in-person sales can now update online inventory in real-time." Brandon Kruse, CEO of CommentSold For many customers, there's nothing better than having that special touch that comes with an in-person purchase, said Roshan Sadanani, Product Manager at Stripe.Our collaboration with CommentSold unifies online payments and point-of-sale for businesses, helping them grow revenue across live streams, live sales, and everything in between. CommentSold’s digital platform already simplifies inventory and order management, payments, invoicing, labeling, packaging, and fulfillment processing for business owners and enables live selling on social media, mobile apps, and websites. With the addition of its POS system, CommentSold retailers will now be able to save time and labor with a fully integrated platform, simplify fulfillment with a single inventory management system for in-store and online purchases and reduce POS costs with free initial setup and terminal fees. CommentSold’s POS system was launched via a pilot program for select CommentSold customers in September 2021. Early adopters deemed it a significant asset to their business operations, giving them easy access to critical data while creating a cohesive sales experience for online and in-person shopping. When CommentSold piloted the POS system with us, it was life-changing for our entire staff,” said Kati Kemph, owner of Illinois-based boutique Kie & Kate Couture. It’s been a seamless experience for both our brick-and-mortar business and our website, as well as our backend operations. Since adopting the POS, we’ve had far fewer errors and inventory discrepancies, which has had a tremendous impact on our sales. Since Kie & Kate Couture launched with CommentSold POS in November 2021, ~60% of their GMV has been through the POS. By combining their brick-and-mortar with their online and social selling, Kie & Kate Couture has established an omnichannel sales strategy a critical factor in driving and maintaining sales growth in retail. With CommentSold’s POS system, CommentSold customers can look up detailed information in existing accounts, create new accounts, add products to carts, add coupons, accept cash and credit, send email receipts, and integrate with receipt printers and cash drawers all via their iPads. CommentSold will develop new features and functionality over the coming months based on ongoing feedback. CommentSold’s POS system is currently available to customers using CS Payments and includes benefits like one-click check-out, popular wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, local payment methods across most devices, and the CommentSold Dispute Protection service, which helps detect and prevent fraud. To celebrate the launch and enable retailers to develop their omnichannel infrastructure, all new and existing CommentSold customers will receive a waiver on credit card transaction fees on the POS system through 2023. About CommentSold CommentSold is the North American leader of live selling technology, with over 4,000 small to enterprise-sized retailers, more than 95M items sold and $2.8B+ in lifetime GMV. CommentSold’s technology continues to provide small businesses and enterprises with best-in-class solutions for delivering engaging live video commerce experiences, such as with their white-label live video commerce technology, Videeo, which gives enterprises the ability to deliver engaging, branded live video commerce experiences by easily integrating live selling into an online retailers' existing e-commerce stack. In 2021 alone, retailers working with CommentSold processed over $1.1B in GMV and shipped over 34M items. Clients use live video and shoppable video clips generated from live events to sell fashion, beauty, home goods, electronics and other items to over 16M registered users of the platform. CommentSold is led by entrepreneur Brandon Kruse and is based in Huntsville, Alabama

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BetterCommerce agrees partnership with AdYogi to accelerate growth for modern D2C brands

BetterCommerce | July 19, 2022

BetterCommerce, a leader in the provision of composable and headless ecommerce solutions for mid-market retailers and brands has announced a strategic partnership with AdYogi, a leading multichannel marketing agency with multi-disciplinary expertise across Google, Facebook and Instagram, underpinned by cutting-edge technology to accelerate sales. The global partnership will support BetterCommerce customers in both India and in the UK, by working with a leading performance marketing agency whose expertise is in delivering personalized ads with automated prospecting, retargeting and cross-selling. AdYogi, headquartered in Gurgaon, India, will work closely with the BetterCommerce team as a consultant partner to deliver unique and seamless customer experiences across all sales touchpoints for D2C brands looking for more flexible, headless and composable commerce architectures. With BetterCommerce's current modular-based ecommerce proposition, the partnership will help retailers and D2C brands build unique offerings for their end customers both online and offline. By partnering with BetterCommerce, AdYogi gains access to a composable and headless commerce platform that powers some of the top Indian and UK brands today. With BetterCommerce's composable approach, AdYogi customers will be able to re-platform or optimize their business use cases at the speed they choose. BetterCommerce brings flexibility, agility and speed to businesses who want to innovate and upgrade their brand's image with a modern, headless commerce solution. AdYogi has previously worked with brands including: The House of Rare, Kaff and Dr. Vaidya's. "We are very excited about this new partnership with BetterCommerce, who are the perfect headless eCommerce partner for AdYogi. We advocate headless eCommerce to our clients and their ability to offer flexibility as a strategy is incredibly well-suited to our approach to achieve faster growth with rapid deployments. Our partnership will combine a best in breed growth strategy through the combination of BetterCommerce's technology and AdYogi's Growth Platform." -Rohin Mittal, Co-Founder, AdYogi. Vipul Aggarwal, Chief Revenue Officer, BetterCommerce, commented: We're committed to positively impacting the mid-market segment. Scaling up a business after meeting the initial threshold is challenging and it not only requires growth marketing but also enterprise grade technology and operational efficiencies, which BetterCommerce is committed to bring to the Indian and UK D2C eco-system. One the major partnership benefits is the creation of bespoke commerce solutions for large enterprises who want to invest in technology but refrain from hiring a huge IT team or do not want to work with multiple vendors that create fragmented solutions. By combining growth marketing and modern ecommerce technology AdYogi and BetterCommerce are determined to address this core issue for mid-market retailers and brands. About BetterCommerce: BetterCommerce is a leader in the provision of composable and headless ecommerce solutions for mid-market retailers and brands. The BetterCommerce proposition is designed to offer a suite of composable PBCs (Packaged Business Capabilities) and headless commerce API's allowing retailers to create unique shopping experiences and manage bespoke business requirements. Our mission is to disrupt the legacy approach to delivering ecommerce solutions and show retailers and brands a path to scale and innovate at a pace and budget that suits them. About AdYogi: AdYogi clients capitalize on delivering personalized ads with automated prospecting, retargeting and cross-selling using cutting-edge technology, to drive sales. AdYogi is one of the top 3 Google Premier Partner and Facebook marketing partner in India. AdYogi offers Automation and Expertise at scale using their proprietary tool. It brings reporting and automation under one dashboard for both Google and Facebook.

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Red Swing Group Selects Unanet AE for ERP and CRM

Unanet | September 14, 2022

Unanet, the leading provider of project-based ERP and CRM for the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, today announced that Red Swing Group, a leading Pittsburgh-area civil engineering firm, has chosen Unanet's ERP and CRM solutions. Red Swing Group has already begun Unanet's seamless and rapid implementation of the combined solution and plans to roll-out new capabilities to its employees, who have been relying on manual processes. Red Swing also expects that Unanet will enable them to win more of the right business by offering insights into opportunities that they haven't been able to see previously. Red Swing Group had been managing its business using disparate spreadsheets and entry-level project management programs. However, as the firm grew and took on larger projects, the company's leadership team realized that they needed more advanced project management and customer relationship tools to keep up with their influx of new business. After a careful review of several software solutions, the team was thoroughly impressed by Unanet's tailored and purpose-built solutions. Red Swing will also take advantage of Unanet's interactive dashboards and real-time reports so that the executive team can more easily make strategic business decisions about resources, priorities and accounting. Additionally, Unanet will help Red Swing be more consistent and efficient in tracking, managing and winning new business opportunities. "Our previous solutions were not very user friendly or insightful when it came to getting a focused look at projects, a big-picture view of the critical areas of our business or an easy way to manage and grow leads,We were impressed by Unanet's ERP and CRM solution and how they work together so seamlessly. We expect Unanet will help us be a more efficient and strategic firm." Katelyn Andreassi, marketing coordinator at Red Swing Group Red Swing Group was founded in 2009 in the basement of Matthew Smith who learned the company's core principles from his grandfather who shared them with him on a red swing that hung in his backyard: "do a person right", have honor in your work, show integrity, be ethical, think smart, and spend wisely. Smith also learned that the development of a trustworthy relationship is the basis that will allow you to succeed in life and business. This emphasis on relationships is another core element of Red Swing Group's decision to choose Unanet, which provided incredible customer service from the onset. Unanet's commitment to friendly, knowledgeable and helpful service set it apart from the competitive products Red Swing Group evaluated. More than 1,850 architecture, engineering and construction companies like Red Swing Group select Unanet ERP and CRM because they have the right mix of functionality and accessibility, while also offering the ability to scale and grow seamlessly. About Unanet Unanet is a leading provider of project-based ERP and CRM solutions purpose-built for Government Contractors, architecture, engineering, construction, and professional services. More than 3,700 project-driven organizations depend on Unanet to turn their information into actionable insights, drive better decision-making, and accelerate business growth. All backed by a people-centered team invested in the success of your projects, people, and financials. About Red Swing Group Red Swing Group offers complete land development consulting services to take a project from concept through construction. Licensed in 14 states, Red Swing possesses vast and varied experience in land development, infrastructure, utility and communication projects for public, private, and commercial Clients

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