Nayax to Enter New Zealand’s Untapped Retail Market

Nayax | June 22, 2022

Retail Market
Nayax Ltd., an Israel-based fintech company that sells cashless, management, telemetry, business intelligence, and monitoring products for the vending and unattended retail industries, expanded its footprint across the southern hemisphere. The company announced entering New Zealand’s untapped retail market with its commerce enablement and cashless payments solution, the Onyx contactless card reader.

Nayax's cashless payment solutions are designed for diverse unattended businesses, including self-service laundromats, vending, automated car washes, kiddie rides, public transportation, and many more.

The Onyx contactless card reader provides a complete set of solutions, including cashless payment acceptance, an integrated POS, a consumer loyalty kit, and a management & telemetry suite. In addition, Onyx's assistive features, such as an intuitive interface and acceptance of all contactless & cashless methods of payment, make it user-friendly for consumers.

It also facilitates business operators to remotely manage their operations with its telemetry capabilities that offer them an overview of real-time alerts, sales, and machine data. By entering the unattended retail market in New Zealand with these comprehensive cashless payment solutions, Nayax plans to assist business owners in increasing their revenue while lowering their operational expenses.

As part of our global expansion strategy, Nayax has been planning to enter the New Zealand market for several years and we're excited that final certification of the Onyx contactless device is in sight. This expansion will help unattended business operators of any size. Our complete solution offers a superior device with a comprehensive telemetry management system for cashless payments, with the full backing of our established support team to enable business owners to increase their revenue from the first day of operation."

Dylan Winik, Managing Director of Nayax New Zealand


Tootsies is a luxury apparel retailer in Houston, Texas, has been a Celerant client since 2004. In this video, Tejas Sanghavi (IT Manager, Tooties) shares why Celerant is an integral part of their business and how it helps them to function properly. With Celerant’s Point of Sale software and integrated E-Commerce platform, Tootsies.


Tootsies is a luxury apparel retailer in Houston, Texas, has been a Celerant client since 2004. In this video, Tejas Sanghavi (IT Manager, Tooties) shares why Celerant is an integral part of their business and how it helps them to function properly. With Celerant’s Point of Sale software and integrated E-Commerce platform, Tootsies.

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