Leading International Off-price Retailer beaconsmind AG Relies on beaconsmind Solution.

Beaconsmind | June 21, 2022

Beaconsmind, a leading location-based marketing and analytics SaaS provider, signs contracts with BFL Group as a new client. The company is known as the world's leading off-price retailer in the fashion, gaming, and household goods industries. Brands for Less, Toys for Less, Homes for Less, and Mumuso are all part of the BFL Group. It is Tchibo's primary partner in the MENA region. Beaconsmind's solutions will be extended to BFL Group's brick-and-mortar stores in the future. This will result in the brand having 80 stores in the UAE, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Malta.

The collaboration with BFL Group led to beaconsmind's partnership with the Seed Group. The Seed Group is a subsidiary of Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Maktoum's Private Office, a member of Dubai's ruling family. This collaboration provides access to the royal family's companies and business contacts in the UAE and the MENA region.

By connecting the BFL mobile app with the beaconsmind Suite software, beaconsmind assists BFL Group in connecting its brick-and-mortar retail offers with those in online retail. Through new interaction and communication channels, BFL Group can increase cross-selling and offer customers tailored offers based on their purchase and visit history at the point of sale. Personalization of offers increases customer loyalty and enhances the customer experience. BFL Group also benefits from all location-based data collected from app users, allowing it to respond to customer requests in-store or anticipate market trends and respond with relevant offers.

“The BFL Group is already one of the world's leading off-price retailers and continues to expand. We are very pleased to be able to accompany them and provide dynamic growth impulses with our solutions. "

- Max Weiland, Chief Executive Officer of beaconsmind

“With beaconsmind's solution, we are committed to opening a new marketing channel within our omnichannel mix, to better reach our app users and improve their shopping experience. We believe in a customer`s first strategy and with a local, targeted customer approach we are able to offer even more benefits and shopping excitement to our customers in our stores based on their preferences.”

- Ayman Beydoun, Chief Operating Officer of BFL Group


The world loves to shop. Few activities satisfy our most primitive hunter and gatherer instincts as much as the act of shopping for that perfect purchase. Shopping is part of our everyday habits and a popular pastime that generates trillions of dollars for the global economy annually. The mobile age has irrevocably changed our shopping habits forever. Today, we hunt and gather information in the palm of our hands - searching for information and seeking reviews and approvals before and after we take the product to the checkout counter.


The world loves to shop. Few activities satisfy our most primitive hunter and gatherer instincts as much as the act of shopping for that perfect purchase. Shopping is part of our everyday habits and a popular pastime that generates trillions of dollars for the global economy annually. The mobile age has irrevocably changed our shopping habits forever. Today, we hunt and gather information in the palm of our hands - searching for information and seeking reviews and approvals before and after we take the product to the checkout counter.

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HungerRush Launches OrderAI Talk to Deliver an Engaging Phone Ordering Experience, While Flexibly Transforming Phone Ordering

HUNGER RUSH | August 16, 2022

HungerRush™, the leading cloud software provider for the restaurant industry, today announced the general availability and early pilot results of its OrderAI Talk product.OrderAI Talk allows restaurant consumers to place phone orders with an artificially intelligent phone bot. It supports increased restaurant efficiency and customer satisfaction through improved order accuracy, accurate and complete voice recognition, full-menu integration, no hold times and a fully integrated POS system with order confirmation and delivery and payment options. OrderAI Talk is the ideal solution for multi-unit restaurants with at least 10 locations, and a high phone order volume. Key benefits of OrderAI Talk include the following: Increased order accuracy: Complex menus can be easily integrated with OrderAI Talk so that phone-in customers can customize their orders just as they would if they were in store or talking to a live person. Ability to upsell every order: The intelligent AI system learns consumer behaviors to engage in smart upselling and smart targeted marketing with each call. Alleviate challenges from staffing issues: Whether it’s small staffs or overworked team members, OrderAI Talk decreases stress on staff by allowing them to forget the phone and focus on what matters most, making great food. Opt-in to Text Marketing & Ordering: Providing the ability to expand marketing reach and transform analog customers to digital. Automatically send OrderAI Talk customers a text marketing message one week later giving them the ability to quickly respond and place that order via text. 29% of customers who received OrderAI Text marketing placed at least one or more repeat orders. Improved customer experience: No more busy signals or hold music. Customers can place their orders quickly and seamlessly through the automated attendant from order placement through payment. Of customers that start an OrderAI Talk order, 92% result in completed orders. “We are continually working toward creating more streamlined services that benefit both the restaurant and customers, “By innovating and improving the existing technologies in place, we can free up more time for employees to focus their time on customer satisfaction and food quality.” Perry Turbes, CEO of HungerRush. About HungerRush HungerRush is a leading provider of integrated restaurant solutions that make it easier to delight guests, drive loyalty, and manage restaurants from anywhere. HungerRush 360 is our flagship all-in-one cloud POS system that integrates digital ordering, delivery, customer engagement, restaurant management, and payment processing features with flexible software designed to give operators of all sizes more insight into their customers, more control over their operations, and more power to profitably grow their business. HungerRush OrderAI Text is an innovative text-to-order AI solution, which allows customers to place orders via text without application downloads and user acquisition.

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GoTab Delivers Multi-Operator Locations New Features to Streamline Guest Ordering & Payment While Dramatically Simplifying Operator Administration

GoTab | August 10, 2022

GoTab, a leading restaurant commerce platform, today announced new capabilities that enable multi-operator locations such as food halls, festivals, stadiums and others, to automate vendor payouts while enabling a streamlined ordering and payment experience for guests. With GoTab for Multi-Operator Locations, vendors receive individualized control of menu management and reporting, as well as direct payouts, including taxes and tips, on a daily basis. Ideal for food halls, entertainment venues, stadiums and more, GoTab creates a unified QR code ordering experience for all active vendors within a parent location, simplifying payment for guests and providing vendors with increased visibility, customization and sales transparency. Based on an analysis of existing operators that use QR ordering, GoTab has proven to make a direct impact resulting in 20% higher tips, 35-50% higher check averages, 25% faster table turns, and 30-50% increased labor efficiency. "As guests flood back to food halls, stadiums and other entertainment venues, they've come to expect the convenience of digital – fast, easy-to-use mobile ordering, one-touch payment and more. GoTab for Multi-Operator Locations empowers vendors to deliver that integrated ordering experience for guests, while reaping the benefits of increased visibility within the parent location, daily payouts, seamless menu management, and ultimately, increased sales." -Tim McLaughlin, CEO and Co-Founder GoTab. How Multi-Operator Works Individual vendors within a food hall, entertainment venue, stadium, or other multi-merchant location will have access to their own dashboard and create their personalized menu featuring available food offerings or retail products, which is then shared with the parent location. Guests can scan and order from a single QR code showcasing all of the vendors and their customized menus. Orders are then routed to the respective vendors' Kitchen Display System and/or printer for fulfilment. Once guests pay their tab, tips are allocated to each vendor by percentage of sales. A Unifying Experience for Guests with Individualized Control and Reporting for Vendors Purpose-built to streamline the vendor and guest experience, GoTab for Multi-Operator Locations provides the simplest way for guests to order across vendors – without having to download an app – and the easiest way for vendors to optimize order efficiency, receive payout and gain visibility. This new solution prioritizes transparency in sales, providing real-time access to sales and tab data and transferring payouts, including taxes and tips, directly to each vendor on a daily basis. For multi-vendor transactions, tips are automatically allocated by percentage of sales, which can be automated to the parent location. In addition, despite living on the same QR code, each vendor has the ability to create their own menus, products and messages that align best with their brand, showcasing consistency and easing communication with their guests. Further, since guests view all uploaded menus from a single QR code, each venue has more visibility across the parent location, increasing the likelihood of individual sales. GoTab for Multi-Operator Locations is revolutionizing the vendor experience at participating venues through first-of-its kind technology designed to simplify the guest ordering experience while empowering vendors with complete menu control, quicker payouts, real-time sales reports and more. About GoTab: GoTab, Inc., a Restaurant Commerce Platform (RCP), is helping large- and mid-sized restaurants, breweries, bars, hotels and other venues run lean, profitable operations while making guests even more satisfied. It integrates with popular point-of-sale (POS) systems and allows patrons to order and pay through a server, order and pay directly from their own mobile phones, or blend the two experiences all on one tab, through its easy-to-use mobile POS, contactless ordering and payment features, and kitchen management systems (KMS). The guest never has to download a mobile app or create a password. Operators get flexible features that can be rapidly applied to access new revenue streams via dine-in, take-out and delivery, ghost kitchens, retail groceries, and more. Founded in 2016, GoTab processes over $250M transactions per year with operations across 35 U.S. states and growing.

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Square Announces Plans to Offer Square Sellers Tap to Pay on iPhone

Square | June 03, 2022

Square announced that it is working with Apple to enable Tap to Pay on iPhone, Apple's contactless payment acceptance capability, within the Square Point of Sale app. The new product lets sellers of all sizes effortlessly and securely take in-person contactless payments with simply an iPhone and Square's industry-leading POS software. Ahead of officially introducing the service later this year, Square also launched an Early Access Program for Tap to Pay on iPhone, allowing select retailers to begin testing the new technology. Tap to Pay for iPhone enables sellers to take contactless payments without the need for extra hardware and connects with Square's more extensive ecosystem of products designed to help them start, manage, and grow their business. With Tap to Pay on iPhone, retailers will be able to effortlessly and securely accept contactless payments using only the Square POS software and an iPhone. "Square and Apple are making it really convenient to make sure we never miss a sale. With Tap to Pay on iPhone, I can process contactless payments quickly, even on cellular service. It provides a really direct experience so new staff can easily get up and running on taking payments on an iPhone." -Teddy Rojas, the owner of Kona Ice Vacaville With Tap to Pay on iPhone, retailers can unleash new commerce experiences and never lose a transaction, such as allowing workers to line-jump for faster checkouts or equipping mobile professionals to take contactless payments. Customers may use contactless credit or debit cards and digital wallets such as Apple Pay to make transactions anywhere simply and safely. "Bringing Tap to Pay on iPhone into the Square ecosystem ensures that new sellers will have another free option to get up and running, while providing businesses of any complexity with more flexibility to adapt their commerce experiences to evolving consumer preferences and changing industry trends." -David Talach, Head of Financial Services at Square

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