HungerRush Launches OrderAI Talk to Deliver an Engaging Phone Ordering Experience, While Flexibly Transforming Phone Ordering

HUNGER RUSH | August 16, 2022 | Read time : 02:35 min

HungerRush Launches OrderAI Talk to Deliver an Engaging
HungerRush™, the leading cloud software provider for the restaurant industry, today announced the general availability and early pilot results of its OrderAI Talk product.OrderAI Talk allows restaurant consumers to place phone orders with an artificially intelligent phone bot. It supports increased restaurant efficiency and customer satisfaction through improved order accuracy, accurate and complete voice recognition, full-menu integration, no hold times and a fully integrated POS system with order confirmation and delivery and payment options. OrderAI Talk is the ideal solution for multi-unit restaurants with at least 10 locations, and a high phone order volume.

Key benefits of OrderAI Talk include the following:
  • Increased order accuracy: Complex menus can be easily integrated with OrderAI Talk so that phone-in customers can customize their orders just as they would if they were in store or talking to a live person.
  • Ability to upsell every order: The intelligent AI system learns consumer behaviors to engage in smart upselling and smart targeted marketing with each call.
  • Alleviate challenges from staffing issues: Whether it’s small staffs or overworked team members, OrderAI Talk decreases stress on staff by allowing them to forget the phone and focus on what matters most, making great food.
  • Opt-in to Text Marketing & Ordering: Providing the ability to expand marketing reach and transform analog customers to digital. Automatically send OrderAI Talk customers a text marketing message one week later giving them the ability to quickly respond and place that order via text. 29% of customers who received OrderAI Text marketing placed at least one or more repeat orders.
  • Improved customer experience: No more busy signals or hold music. Customers can place their orders quickly and seamlessly through the automated attendant from order placement through payment. Of customers that start an OrderAI Talk order, 92% result in completed orders.

“We are continually working toward creating more streamlined services that benefit both the restaurant and customers, “By innovating and improving the existing technologies in place, we can free up more time for employees to focus their time on customer satisfaction and food quality.”

Perry Turbes, CEO of HungerRush.

About HungerRush
HungerRush is a leading provider of integrated restaurant solutions that make it easier to delight guests, drive loyalty, and manage restaurants from anywhere. HungerRush 360 is our flagship all-in-one cloud POS system that integrates digital ordering, delivery, customer engagement, restaurant management, and payment processing features with flexible software designed to give operators of all sizes more insight into their customers, more control over their operations, and more power to profitably grow their business. HungerRush OrderAI Text is an innovative text-to-order AI solution, which allows customers to place orders via text without application downloads and user acquisition.


B2B eCommerce marketplaces made more attraction towards the wholesalers, as compared to the retailers and to start something online than eCommerce platform is the stand which allows them to reach the global markets. In most of the B2B portal, they offer different functionalities to their customer while registration that allows them to create a customer account.  This way every customer will be able to get more benefits through their customized account information and with secured transactions.


B2B eCommerce marketplaces made more attraction towards the wholesalers, as compared to the retailers and to start something online than eCommerce platform is the stand which allows them to reach the global markets. In most of the B2B portal, they offer different functionalities to their customer while registration that allows them to create a customer account.  This way every customer will be able to get more benefits through their customized account information and with secured transactions.

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