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GoTab Expands Its Integrated Partner Ecosystem with New Best-of-breed Technology

GoTab | April 27, 2022

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GoTab launched its own API Developer Portal for integrated partnerships. As the next-generation restaurant commerce platform, GoTab is rapidly developing and curating its network of best-of-breed technology partners. Additionally, it has appointed Chris Jennings as Technical Director of Integrations. He will be responsible for developing and implementing the new portal's API strategy, establishing a technical route to market for new technologies, and managing integrated partners pre and post-launch.

GoTab's integrated network of partners includes inventory management software such as YellowDog, CraftPeak, and Barack, which enables operators to monitor and optimize product availability and quality and sales and revenue data in real-time and in real-time one location. Additionally, GoTab operators rely on labor-management tools such as 7Shifts and CTUIT to estimate staffing requirements and save time and effort spent managing personnel schedules.

Apart from seamless back-of-house connectivity and linked capabilities, GoTab's partner network assists operators in promoting their brand. For example, through multiple communication channels like SMS, online, and email, connected systems such as Klaviyo and Wisely powered by Olo enable automated marketing and data insight to build guest relationships and increase consumer engagement. Likewise, protecting a brand's reputation in a digital environment is made more accessible by networked systems like Marqii. GoTab responds by integrating with third-party delivery aggregators such as Novadine and Otter and direct links to DoorDash, UberEats, and others.

Jennings joined GoTab from Vend, where he was responsible for the retail POS software company's North American payment partnerships strategy. Before that, he spent over a decade at Mercury (now Worldpay at FIS), overseeing developer integration and developing APIs and a comprehensive developer portal.


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Introducing Square Go — the app that helps you discover, book, and manage self-care experiences to make you feel your best. Download the app today and find 2 million+ self-care services from over 250,000+ local beauty professionals, all with fast one-tap booking. Message your self-care provider directly, manage and track your appointments hassle-free, and leave reviews, all in the app.

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Tinaba and Ant Group Expand Their Partnership to Allow Italians to Pay in Asia Directly With Their App via Alipay+ Solutions

Alipay+ | July 05, 2023

Tinaba has signed a groundbreaking partnership deal with Alipay+ to become its latest digital payment partner, allowing its customers direct access to more than 2.5 million Alipay+ supported stores. Tinaba is the first European bank-affiliated mobile wallet, and the only one in Italy, which has partnered with Alipay+, thus enabling its customers to make payments – in euros and in their own language – in Asia directly, from the Tinaba app. Italian travelers who are Tinaba customers are now able to make cross-border payments via QR code at Alipay+ partner merchants, both in South Korea - thanks to the support of Kakao Pay - and in Malaysia. From the beginning of July, the service will also be extended through Alipay+ solutions in Australia and Qatar, with further extensions in more Asian nations and other markets around the world, with a goal to cover the entire Asia continent. Through simple integration, Alipay+ provides a suite of global and unified digital payment solutions, as well as marketing tools, to connect merchants with multiple e-wallets, banking apps, and other digital payment methods from different countries. Introduced by Ant Group, Alipay+ has a global coverage that enables millions of merchants to connect with more than 1 billion mobile-savvy consumers, who are guaranteed a smooth and secure payment experience with access to promotions, benefits, and services from merchants around the world. The integration of Alipay+ is one more piece of the already extensive partnerships between Ant Group, Tinaba, and Banca Profilo as acquirers, which began in 2019. Currently, Chinese tourists can make payments and get promotions with Alipay at thousands of Italian stores, restaurants, in cabs, and at tourist attractions in Italy. The partnership, which is also expanding in Italy, is a payments ecosystem with a unique experience without language and currency barriers. The seamless experience is now being extended to other Asian travellers under the collaboration between Alipay+ and Tinaba. Matteo Arpe, President of TINABA commented: "The further expansion of our historic partnership with Alipay allows Tinaba customers to travel around the world and pay with their cell phones safely and in their own language without worrying about cash and foreign exchange anymore. We are especially proud because we are the first European operator with this unique technological offering, through the union of the typically Western credit card payment network with the Eastern one based on QR Code technology offering our customers, even very young ones, the possibility to move around the world safely just with their cell phones." "By expanding our partnership with Tinaba, we look forward to better connecting Italian and European tourists to Asian markets, offering a great exchange rate, along with digital services and promotions through the power and simplicity of QR code payments. We appreciate Tinaba's innovative and forward-thinking business philosophy of helping banks keep up with the latest in mobile fintech, and we believe that Banca Profilo can support their growth with a comprehensive offering designed for mobile customers," said Guoming Cheng, general manager of Ant Group in Europe and the Middle East. Shin Won-Keun, the CEO of Kakao Pay, said “Kakao Pay will actively support Italian tourists visiting Korea to pay with Tinaba at Kakao Pay’s affiliated stores even if they have only one mobile phone without exchanging money.” And he also added that “We will try to provide the most convenient experience for Korean and Italian users with the innovative payment services of Kakao Pay and Tinaba.” About Alipay+ Alipay+ offers unified global mobile payment and marketing solutions that connect merchants with multiple e-wallets and payment methods from different countries and regions by collaborating with global partners. Consumers can conveniently use their preferred local payment methods while transacting seamlessly in a different market and be able to enjoy marketing offers by the merchants through Alipay+. Alipay+ is developed by Ant Group, the owner and operator of Alipay, one of the world’s leading digital open platforms. About TINABA Tinaba is an innovative fintech company that seamlessly integrates with traditional banks, offering comprehensive neo-banking services in compliance with ECB regulations. Our app-based platform provides a range of features, including social money sharing, charity and crowdfunding, advanced banking products like robo-advisory and inflation-linked deposit accounts, diverse payment options including cards and QR codes (including Alipay+), crypto investments with full KYC, and an insurance program.

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NovoPayment Unveils Orchestra, a Next-Gen Middleware Layer to Meet Rising Demand from Financial Institutions

PRnewswire | July 07, 2023

NovoPayment, a mission-critical financial and payments infrastructure provider, today released Orchestra 2.0, an advanced cloud-based middleware orchestration layer of its industry-leading BaaS platform. Orchestra is designed to help financial institutions quickly modernize their infrastructure in a more secure, scalable, and cost-effective way. The solution enhancements include more capabilities, new API-based use cases to help developers build and deploy new applications, and expedited implementation times. In a survey of over 200 community bank and credit union leaders conducted by NovoPayment and Forrester, 71% said their customers seek capabilities that can't be built into existing infrastructures. While most financial institutions still rely on legacy systems that pre-date the internet and are expensive to overhaul, smaller institutions are especially price sensitive and lack in-house tech capabilities. To overcome this challenge, more are adopting a middleware approach to modernizing their infrastructure and acquire more digital capabilities to bridge their internal tech gaps. "Over the past few years, we've seen a rising demand from countless organizations for our middleware orchestration layer and endpoints in digital banking, payment and card solutions as they look to improve margins and reduce costs by leveraging reliable partnerships," said NovoPayment CEO Anabel Perez. "Orchestra serves as a streamlined, convenient way to unify user experiences and fast-track innovation while ensuring compliance." Orchestra provides the opportunity for financial institutions to benefit from NovoPayment's technological depth and breadth of solutions and further capitalize on localizing experiences – such as remote customer onboarding, instant issuance of deposit accounts & payment credentials, secure remote & contactless commerce, and cash & treasury management, among others. Orchestra's expansive set of over 60 integrations spans various relevant categories including: • Customer authentication (AML, KYC & biometrics) • Core banking systems • Card payment schemes, ACH and RTP rails • Payment gateways • Open banking • FX services & money transfers • Wallets & Super Apps • ERP & CRM systems • Credit decisioning & scoring • CBDC • Security & Artificial intelligence • Top-ups & bill payment providers • Cash-in / Cash-out networks • Loyalty and rewards • Gaming • Payroll providers • Card personalization "Middleware serves as the vital conductor in the symphony of banking-as-a-service, enabling our customers to digitize their operations seamlessly and outperform their competitors," added Rama Ituarte, Chief Technology Officer at NovoPayment. "In an industry where agility, availability and scalability are the keys to success, Orchestra fosters innovation through simplified and automated business processes in agnostic, multi-cloud environments." About NovoPayment NovoPayment, a category leader in Banking as a Service (BaaS) platforms, enables digital financial and transactional services to support various use cases. The company's bank-grade solutions use APIs and other flexible delivery models to help banks, financial institutions, merchants, networks, marketplaces, neobanks, and other financial service providers to leverage their existing systems to generate new deposits, transaction streams, and customer experiences.

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MarginEdge Redefines Payment Efficiency for Restaurants with New Mobile Bill Payment Offering

PRnewswire | August 16, 2023

MarginEdge, the leading restaurant management and bill payment platform, announced the launch of its mobile bill payment capability, which enables operators to effortlessly settle payments using just their smartphones. This latest addition to their suite of mobile tools represents the culmination of complete operational fluidity – enabling operators to upload, approve, and now pay their invoices on the go. Available and free to every U.S.–based MarginEdge customer, MarginEdge Bill Pay is the first and only payments provider exclusively dedicated to B2B payments within the restaurant industry. "We are witnessing a momentous shift as digital payments revolutionize the way businesses operate," emphasized Bo Davis, CEO of MarginEdge. "At MarginEdge, we are dedicated to ensuring that every restaurant can thrive in this new era. This new capability empowers restaurants to embrace the speed, security and convenience of mobile payments while maintaining complete control over their financial processes." With its ability to quickly digitize invoice line item details, including handwritten adjustments and credits, its 2-3 day payment transmission time to the MarginEdge vendor network of 55,000+ and its robust array of inventory, recipe and reporting capabilities, MarginEdge equips accountants and operators with everything they need in order to run a more profitable restaurant and gain better control over their cash flow. Other Key features and Benefits of MarginEdge Mobile Bill Pay Include: • Free & Unlimited Payments Included: Unlike competing bill payment software, MarginEdge does not charge any additional fees outside of its normal monthly subscription. • Multiple Payment Options: Pay each vendor the way that works best for them. • Cash Flow Management: Set up auto-payments, schedule payments for a future date, or even make partial payments. • Pay Any Vendor Imaginable: Enroll your own vendors in digital payments for faster and more secure transmissions. • Backed by Tier-1 Banks: Payments are processed through the #1 ACH originator in the country. MarginEdge Mobile Bill Pay sets a new standard for payment efficiency, designed just for restaurants – propelling the industry into the future of efficient and effective financial management. "The time it takes calculating bills and organizing payments is time stolen from where operators want to be in their restaurant," said Brandie Coley, MarginEdge Product Manager. "Bill Pay in the mobile app allows operators to take care of bills wherever they are, so they can spend less time in the back office and more time on the floor with their guests." About MarginEdge MarginEdge's mission is to create a world where restaurant operators can focus on the business they love. By using best-in-class technology to eliminate unproductive paperwork and streamline the flow of operational data, MarginEdge is reimagining the back office and freeing restaurants to spend more time on their culinary offerings and guest experiences. The platform offers market-leading invoice processing, inventory management, recipe analysis, budgeting, performance tracking and supplier bill payment capabilities. Founded by industry veterans, MarginEdge serves a diverse group of operators from single units and small chains to large franchise and hospitality groups, providing a high impact product that resonates across the hospitality industry.

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