Diebold Nixdorf Launches Cloud-Native Retail Software Platform

Diebold Nixdorf | March 11, 2022

Diebold Nixdorf, a world leader in driving connected commerce for the retail and financial industries, is excited to announce the launch of Vynamic® Retail Platform, a cloud-native software solution enabling the future of retail. The modular platform offers retailers the functionality and flexibility they need to succeed in today's environment of rapidly shifting customer needs.

Vynamic Retail Platform connects all components of the retail operation, including customer journeys, stores and back-office operations, into one open, flexible software environment, unlocking new efficiencies and cost savings. A holistic approach to retail management is critical now, as physical and digital channels continue to blend, and customers' needs shift from day to day.

The platform, which can be leveraged by a variety of retailers including grocery, fashion, and fuel and convenience, offers modular microservices that give the retailer various deployment options. The services can be deployed individually or used together, giving the retailer an end-to-end management solution. First customer projects have already proven the high-level flexibility and deployment efficiency of this approach.

Functionalities included in Vynamic Retail Platform are:
  • Checkout: A highly configurable checkout solution that can be used in any retail segment. To facilitate rapid implementation, there are three pre-configured checkout solutions: Vynamic GRx for Grocery, Vynamic SFx for Specialty & Fashion, and Vynamic FCx for Fuel & Convenience.
  • Loyalty: Vynamic Engage is the platform's modular solution to provide shoppers with personalized, cross-channel experiences using real-time insights about their preferences and purchase history. There are three separate modules available: loyalty management, promotions and campaigns, and customer rewards.
  • Retail Management: Vynamic Retail Management enables retailers to run all back-office processes efficiently from the cloud including inventory management, online order fulfillment, POS configurations, reporting and more.
  • Compliance: Vynamic CPaaS is a software module that ensures each touchpoint in every store has access to the cloud repository as the single source of truth for all legal and fiscal requirements. Vynamic CPaaS, which stands for "Country Package as a Service", provides retailers with a constantly up-to-date repository of legal and fiscal regulations for over 60 countries.

Vynamic Retail Platform is differentiated by its cloud-native architecture and API-first approach. By building in the cloud from the start and focusing on API integration as a core capability, the platform is more modular, more available, and more open than other software platforms. The platform is also highly scalable, securely configured, and undergoes fast and frequent updates with no interruptions to service. Its channel and touchpoint independency make deployments very flexible, even in historically grown, legacy retail IT environments.

Each module can be hosted in the cloud or run in the store through embedded Edge technology with Vynamic-as-a-Service, which comprises the cloud infrastructure, operations and support services needed to run the software applications cost-effectively, along with guaranteed uptimes, performance and security.

"Over the last few years, the retail landscape has shifted dramatically. At Diebold Nixdorf, we see a major opportunity for retailers to prepare their businesses for the future. Vynamic Retail Platform not only gives retailers the technology they need to capitalize on this opportunity, but also the critical flexibility to pivot their strategies when needed, without costly updates."

Ilhami Cantadurucu, vice president Retail global accounts, at Diebold Nixdorf

Vynamic Retail Platform is another step in Diebold Nixdorf's Storevolution™, a strategic program for retailers to design, enable and operate low-touch consumer journeys based on four guiding principles: Consumer Centricity; Store Digitalization; High Connectivity; and Store-as-a-Service. When leveraged together, these principles comprise Diebold Nixdorf's vision for the future of retail. The Storevolution™ represents the future of a frictionless, convenient and personalized customer experience.

Bernd Kraus, senior vice president, Retail software, at Diebold Nixdorf, said: "Rather than 'cloudifying' our current solutions, we built a new cloud-native software platform from scratch. We believe this is the only way to achieve true scalability, security and performance in the cloud. Hosted as-a-service and leveraging open APIs and modular microservices, Vynamic Retail Platform is the best cloud solution in the market to support connected, flexible and efficient shopping experiences for retail customers."

About Diebold Nixdorf
Diebold Nixdorf, Incorporated is a world leader in enabling connected commerce. They automate, digitize and transform the way people bank and shop. As a partner to the majority of the world's top 100 financial institutions and top 25 global retailers, their integrated solutions connect digital and physical channels conveniently, securely and efficiently for millions of consumers each day. The company has a presence in more than 100 countries with approximately 22,000 employees worldwide. 


When you are selling your product in an e-commerce environment, the first thing you need to consider is the audience that you are selling to. Are you selling your product to other business owners or are you selling your products to an everyday consumer? This is what defines whether you are a business to consumer e-commerce or a business to business e-commerce. Here, we take a look at the mindset of a consumer versus a business when buying into a product or service to help you understand the difference between B2B and B2C e-commerce.


When you are selling your product in an e-commerce environment, the first thing you need to consider is the audience that you are selling to. Are you selling your product to other business owners or are you selling your products to an everyday consumer? This is what defines whether you are a business to consumer e-commerce or a business to business e-commerce. Here, we take a look at the mindset of a consumer versus a business when buying into a product or service to help you understand the difference between B2B and B2C e-commerce.

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LAVU | August 23, 2022

Lavu, a major global restaurant software and payments solution provider built by restaurant people, today announces that new and existing Lavu POS customers in the United States and Canada can directly integrate third party delivery platforms into their POS, streamlining the online ordering and delivery process. Starting today, Lavu merchants will be able to see and auto-accept all orders, as well as analyze data across all locations and platforms using a single tablet. Powered by an integration with Otter, thousands of restaurants will eliminate the chaos of managing online orders separately, and will allow them to use their time delivering great guest experiences and growing their businesses. The following delivery partners, and more, will be integrated into Lavu’s POS in the US and Canada: UberEats, DoorDash, Postmates, Caviar, Order with Google, Club Feast, Grubhub, GoDysh, Lovett, Hungry Panda, Palette Labs, Skip the Dishes, ChowNow, Seamless, Ritual, Bite Squad, Zuppler and Waitr. “Third party delivery apps have served as a lifeline for restaurants, allowing them to bring in new customers and orders during challenging times, “By uniting these platforms with their existing point of sale, it makes the delivery process for restaurants smoother, ultimately improving customer service, and enables them to better understand and optimize their sales.” Saleem S. Khatri, CEO of Lavu. About Lavu Lavu is the world’s leading restaurant management platform for small and medium-sized restaurants. The company’s products include an award-winning mobile point-of-sale, online ordering, payment processing and accounts payable suite. Embodying values of hospitality in its 24/7 support of restaurant partners in more than 65 countries, Lavu helps businesses grow with solutions built for restaurants by restaurant people. Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Lavu was the first iPad point of sale in the Apple App Store and continues to offer the latest in restaurant features and functionalities. Learn more at Lavu.com. About Otter Otter, tryotter.com, is a restaurant technology company that helps restaurants increase sales, save time, and make delivery easier. The company operates globally with a wide range of restaurants - from large enterprises to small businesses. Otter’s partnerships with major online and direct-to-consumer ordering platforms enable the business to provide restaurant customers with unparalleled order aggregation, automation, and data reporting, ensuring restaurants succeed in an omni-channel world by increasing online sales and operating with greater efficiency. Otter’s innovative order management and analytics technology products can be tailored to meet all restaurants’ online ordering needs. Key restaurant customers include KFC, Taco Bell, Arby’s, Subway, Golden Corral, Ben & Jerry’s, and Pressed Juicery.

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BHG Financial Launches NaluPay, a Point-of-Sale Financing Solution, Finding Success With 100+ Merchants in 100 Days

BHG Financial | July 15, 2022

BHG Financial, the leader in unsecured financing solutions in the personal and professional space for over 20 years, has launched NaluPay, a point-of-sale (POS) financing solution that is reimagining what is possible in the financing arena. NaluPay is BHG Financial's high-ticket POS financing solution that provides a truly merchant-centric solution designed using the latest technology architecture and a growing suite of insightful analytics to help merchants optimize their sales processes and drive conversion across all customer types. NaluPay provides merchants with the ability to offer their customers large credit lines, a suite of promotional and non-promotional financing options, and instant credit decisions within seconds. Within its first 100 days in business, NaluPay has established significant success in partnering with over 100 merchants across multiple industries. Over time, merchants, borrowers, banks, and other partners will increasingly benefit from NaluPay's modular design, flexibility, and API-first approach. "As we look at our customer base across our professional and consumer financial offerings, POS financing with NaluPay is a natural complement to add to our growing solutions." -Tyler Crawford, COO of BHG Financial. Matt Lekawa has been appointed to lead the division as Executive Vice President of NaluPay. His passion for creating a product that empowers merchants to do what they do best – serve their customers — is embedded in the core values of the company. With 20 years of experience in point-of-sale financing, Matt is already driving the division to new heights. "We set out to be the resource our employees, merchants, and banks deserve, all in an effort to empower our merchant partners," said Matt Lekawa EVP of NaluPay. "We are very excited to bring our successful model that we've used through BHG the last twenty years, into the world of home improvement and retail and further extend into healthcare, We pride ourselves on our consistent evolution within the financial and technology spaces. The launch of NaluPay is another testament to our teams' hard work and visionary mindset." -Al Crawford, Co-founder, CEO and President of BHG Financial. NaluPay has achieved initial milestones and has seen early success but won't stop there. BHG Financial is excited to extend the NaluPay offering to the BHG Bank Network, which consists of over 1,400 bank partners. BHG Financial expects NaluPay to be one of the leading growth engines within the larger BHG Financial family of brands. About BHG Financial- BHG Financial is transforming the financial industry, leveraging the power of data, analytics, and cutting-edge technology to become not only one of the best sources for high-performing loans, but the creator of one of the largest community bank loan and product networks in the country. Since 2001, BHG has originated more than $11 billion in loan solutions to top-quality borrowers, which community and midsize banks can access via a state-of-the-art loan delivery platform. BHG Financials' dedication to providing services that meet the needs of its clients has led to the creation of a full family of brands that range from business, consumer, and SBA 7(a) loans to credit cards, collection services, risk management services, and point-of-sale financing. With record growth year after year, BHG continues to be recognized regionally and nationally: earning a spot on the Inc. 5000 for 14 years running and receiving accolades from Great Place to Work® and Fortune magazine, among others. BHG Financial is partially owned by Pinnacle Bank (PNFP) and has headquarters in Davie, FL and Syracuse, NY. To represent the company's growth and dedication to continuously expanding their services, Bankers Healthcare Group became BHG Financial in 2021.

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Usio Announces Unique Point-of-Sale Credit Solution for Businesses, Implemented Without Any Lending Risk for Usio

usio | September 07, 2022

Usio, Inc:, a leading FinTech integrated payment solutions provider, today announced implementing its new Point-of-Sale Credit solution, enabling businesses to offer instant credit to their customers without absorbing any of the risks of consumer lending. “Point-of-sale consumer lending is growing faster than any other unsecured lending, growing from $92 billion in outstanding loan balances in 2019 to a predicted $182 billion in 2023, according to The Ascent, Our new Point-of-Sale Lending solution enables businesses to quickly and easily offer instant POS credit to their customers, without the challenge of integration or credit concerns. Any business that deals directly with customers over relatively larger-priced purchases can use this instant credit as a way to potentially win more business at the point of sale.” Louis Hoch, President and CEO of Usio. According to The Ascent, the percentage of people who have used a buy now pay later service grew 62% across all age groups between July 2020 and March 2021, with the exception of those over the age of 54, which saw a 98% increase in usage. Buy now pay later is preferred by consumers over the use of credit cards, according to the Bread Research Report on Payment Preferences, published in October 2019. For example, 53% of people would prefer to make a $200 purchase in four equal interest-free payments, avoiding the high interest that would be incurred on a credit card during that period. Monthly installments come to the forefront with larger purchase amounts, where 49% would prefer to make monthly installment payments on a $1,000 purchase and a full 69% would prefer monthly payments for a $5,000 purchase. Only 14 to 15% would prefer to use a credit card for such larger purchases. No integration is required with Usio’s Point-of-Sale Lending solution. Businesses receive payment faster, with funds deposited the next day. Point-of-Sale Lending improves customer satisfaction and loyalty, and gives organizations a competitive edge by offering customers flexible payment options over various periods of time. Most importantly, businesses receive all the advantages of providing an instant lending solution to their customers without absorbing any of the risk. Consumers have the option of a no interest buy now pay later installment loan of 6 weeks or less, or longer durations with interest rates that are aggressively priced with market competitive rates. Revenue recognition at the merchant level will occur at the time of the sale, while funds (net of any potential associated expenses) will settle the next day. About Usio, Inc. Usio, Inc. (Nasdaq: USIO), a leading, cloud-based, integrated FinTech electronic payment solutions provider, offers a wide range of payment solutions to merchants, billers, banks, service bureaus, crypto exchanges, and card issuers. The Company operates credit, debit/prepaid, and ACH payment processing platforms to deliver convenient, world-class payment solutions and services to their clients. The company, through its Usio Output Solutions division offers services relating to electronic bill presentment, document composition, document decomposition and printing and mailing services. The strength of the Company lies in its ability to provide tailored solutions for card issuance, payment acceptance, and bill payments as well as its unique technology in the prepaid sector. Usio is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, and has offices in Austin, Texas, and Franklin, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville.

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