Convenience Stores Own the Third-Party Delivery Channel with Paytronix Handoff(SM)

Paytronix Systems, Inc. | February 23, 2022

Delivery aggregators and online-only platforms are moving quickly into the convenience store market. Today Paytronix Systems, Inc., the most advanced digital guest experience platform, announced that Paytronix HandoffSM is ready for retailers to manage digital ordering information across all channels. Handoff makes it easy for retailers and restaurants to publish a menu of items out to the various delivery aggregators and then manage inbound orders through a single tablet or Point of Sale system.

Handoff provides c-stores with complete control over how items are viewed, described, and priced regardless of through which channel those items appear, including on DoorDash, Uber Eats, Postmates, and GrubHub. This helps c-stores add incremental sales to each location while streamlining operations, ensuring order integrity, and increasing customer satisfaction.

According to data from Edison Trends, convenience store online spending grew by 346% in 2020, outpacing growth in both grocery and restaurant categories. The same report notes that DoorDash is the big player in the market.

Paytronix Handoff works with the most popular POS systems and leading third-party digital delivery platforms to:
  • Eliminate the need to continually check multiple tablets for information;
  • Digitally connect third-party aggregators with internal POS systems and store operations;
  • Provide a single point of entry for all online orders as they come in; and
  • Enable store-level employees to more easily manage stock digitally, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

“The c-store market is changing rapidly with third-party delivery platforms and online-only companies focusing on 15-minute delivery of center-store items, Traditional c-stores, with great locations on major transportation routes, have an opportunity to truly own this new order-ahead and delivery ecosystem, but they need the right systems in place to make it happen. Paytronix Handoff, and the full Order & Delivery offering, gives c-stores what they need to grab incremental sales and successfully compete against delivery-only brands.”

- Paytronix CEO Andrew Robbins.

Employing the latest cloud technology, Paytronix enables rapid processing of digital orders. It has an easy-to-use ordering interface, digital ordering management tools, more than a dozen POS integrations, and the best loyalty integration on the market today. In addition, Paytronix has established partnerships with premier third-party aggregators.

Paytronix Systems, Inc.
Based in Newton, Massachusetts, Paytronix is a provider of SaaS customer experience management (CXM) solutions for restaurants and convenience stores. Through its innovative software design and integrations with more than 30 widely used point-of-sale systems, Paytronix empowers more than 1,800 brands across 34,000 locations, giving them the flexibility to deliver unique, revenue-enhancing guest experiences. Through one-to-one engagement with more than 285 million guests via Order & Delivery, Loyalty, CRM, and Stored Value, Paytronix delivers artificial intelligence features that motivate increased visits and spending throughout the customer journey.


China added new China-Europe freight train service to boost cross-border e-commerce. Train recently made maiden trip of the service from Zhengzhou in central China's Henan for Liege in Belgium.


China added new China-Europe freight train service to boost cross-border e-commerce. Train recently made maiden trip of the service from Zhengzhou in central China's Henan for Liege in Belgium.

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SpotOn Named Top-Rated Restaurant Point-of-Sale by Users in Competitive Comparison by Capterra

SpotOn | July 29, 2022

SpotOn, one of the fastest-growing software and payment companies, has been named the top-rated point-of-sale (POS) among competitors based on real user reviews. The Competitive Comparison Report is created by Capterra, a trusted online service that helps organizations find the right software solutions for their operations. Capterra’s Competitive Comparison report also shows SpotOn outperforming competitors in average user ratings across key industries, including: In the restaurant industry: SpotOn outperforms Toast, Square, and Clover as the highest-rated Restaurant POS system. In bars and nightlife: SpotOn outperforms Clover, Toast, and EPOS as the highest-rated Bar point-of-sale system. In retail: SpotOn outperforms Square, Clover, and Lightspeed as the highest-rated Retail point-of-sale system. “We build our technology and run our business on empathy. We put our clients at the center of everything we do, asking, ‘Will this make life easier? Will it drive revenue? Will it streamline admin? Will it solve a problem when they need it most?’ It’s all about flexibility and working the way they work, Being named the top-rated POS company based on real user reviews is the best form of recognition we can imagine. It is a testament to the heart and hustle that drives our team, and motivates us to continue innovating and getting better every day, It’s an incredibly challenging time to run a restaurant, so we’re focused on simplifying business for operators - delivering strong, stable tech that is easy to use and makes staff training simple; building integrations or partnerships that streamline operations; answering the phone when our clients need us, Showing up for our clients in a way that reflects and respects their reality has been the key to our success, and we’re honored to see that reflected in the recognition as top Restaurant POS.” -Kevin Bryla, Head of Customer Experience at SpotOn. SpotOn tops the chart for Restaurant POS Based on reviews from restaurant operators, SpotOn received the highest marks among its competition across all categories measured, including functionality, ease of use, customer support, and value for money. As it steadily climbed the charts to the top spot, SpotOn has tripled its revenue in the restaurant sector as operators look to grow revenue, manage costs, and improve the guest experience. The company attributes its growth to the ability to stay hyper-focused on restaurateurs’ greatest challenges. In November, SpotOn acquired Dolce Software, a complete labor management solution that simplifies tip-pooling, payroll, scheduling, and compliance. Earlier this year, the company rolled out “Points of Profit,” a roadmap for operators to protect their narrow profit margin from the effects of inflation and prolonged labor challenges. Last month, SpotOn announced a partnership with MarginEdge to integrate inventory management to help clients gain better insight for making smart decisions to improve their bottom line. To ensure their clients’ success, SpotOn provides industry-leading, personalized service to support them throughout the partnership and make the best use of software integrations. Throughout the onboarding and activation phases, SpotOn empowers clients with in-depth training and procedures, including in-person and live, online training, webinars, and an extensive portfolio of documentation and videos. Throughout the life of the partnership, support is available 24/7 with real-time phone support, automated help desk and email assistance, and an archive of product-specific FAQs, forums, and articles. SpotOn has been terrific right from the beginning. I’ve used multiple POS and this is the best thus far. - Daniel K., General Manager, Hospitality Our bartenders love the platform for its ease of use, new bartenders coming from other point of sale systems rave about SpotOn. - Tony B., Director of Operations, Hospitality Capterra Competitive Comparison Methodology To be included in Capterra’s Competitive Comparisons a company must have received 10 minimum reviews in the 12 months prior to publication to qualify and must have received the highest overall rating when compared to 3 competitors in that category and the category average. Providers must beat those same competitors and category average in at least 2 out of 4 of the remaining rating fields. Competitors are determined by a multi-factor algorithm that is based on software buyer behavior. About SpotOn- SpotOn is one of the fastest-growing software and payment companies with comprehensive, cloud-based technology for businesses of all types and sizes. Known for its rapid innovation and personalized support, SpotOn offers an end-to-end software and payment platform to streamline operations, improve the customer experience, and increase profit. From seamless and efficient point-of-sale systems to integrated management solutions built for the fast-growing enterprise, SpotOn builds technology that "works the way you work," and backs it up with a 24/7 team of experts who make sure it always does—with fairness, flexibility, and a personal touch. SpotOn has 2,000 employees, including one of the strongest product and technology teams in the combined software & payments industry.

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NCR Aloha Delivers Smarter Data Management to Wendy’s

NCR ALOHA | August 17, 2022

NCR Corporation , a leading enterprise technology provider, today announced the expansion of its long-standing partnership with Wendy’s to provide data services via our NCR Commerce Platform. The NCR Commerce Platform enables Wendy’s to more easily access, better manage and use the data captured through the NCR Aloha point of sale (POS). This empowers franchisees and corporate users to understand and leverage sales, cash management and transaction data to make informed decisions and quickly maximize operational efficiency. This platform is highly impactful for our restaurants,” said Kevin Vasconi, chief information officer, The Wendy’s Company. “We now have streaming real-time transaction data that goes down to the product level and gives us the ability to make on-the-spot decisions that keep our stores running smoothly and give our customers the best experience.” Looking ahead, Wendy’s plans to further leverage the NCR Commerce Platform and add additional cloud-based services to enhance visibility into its store, sales and product data. This visibility will help identify trends and provide insights to improve operations. “Our next generation of Aloha uses the NCR Commerce Platform to provide a single source of reliable, timely information. Wendy’s can easily connect to millions of pieces of data it can use to reduce the complexity of running the restaurant. “This gives operators the confidence to pivot operations and drive continuous improvements to deliver a consistently great customer experience.” Dirk Izzo, president and general manager, NCR Hospitality NCR is a full end-to-end technology provider from order creation to payment settlement that brings together software, services and hardware -- trusted by more than 100,000 restaurant sites, including independent operators, domestic chains and international brands across the globe. NCR Aloha provides everything enterprise and SMB restaurants need to run their business, boost efficiency and increase growth. About NCR Corporation NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is a leading enterprise technology provider that runs stores, restaurants and self-directed banking. NCR is headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., with 38,000 employees globally. NCR is a trademark of NCR Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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Sunyard and Emerico Enter into Partnership for Payment Solutions

Emerico | September 15, 2022

Sunyard, a global leading payment solution provider, has established the partnership with Emerico, a world-leading digital transformation company, to offer POS terminals i80 and payment solutions for worldwide market. Through this cooperation, Emerico enables its customers even more options for quick and easy payment. The fully certified i80 is compatible with all payment transactions.The i80 is designed with a customized Android operating system. Full certification including PCI PTS 6.x, EMV L1 & L2 prevents your information from leakage in the best possible way. Comprehensive communications make your transactions always frictionless. The smart internet management platform also allows any number of payment terminals and makes the system easy to expand. Emerico prides themselves as being pioneers and associate themselves with the most seasoned technological partners in their respective industries. From seamless integration to borderless customer support, together with the world's finest strategic partners including Cisco, IBM, IDEMIA, Fujitsu, Emerico creates and develops responsive and reliable solutions for customers. With the addition of Sunyard Android mobile terminals, the Emerico portfolio expands to include another important segment. "It will offer numerous advantages for merchants and end customers from a technological perspective," explains Emerico team. "We look forward to bringing more smart payment solutions to the region as we grow. The cooperation will help thrive the guest experience in the modern age of omni-channel payments and untangle the complex world of payments." "We are pleased to partner with Emerico to provide our payment terminals to our Asian customers,We look forward to more partnership with Emerico and its strong business network to provide merchant with reliable, rugged solutions with our innovative payment terminals." Jier Chen, Sales Director, Sunyard Technology At Sunyard, we're constantly expanding and evolving our portfolio of products to help you grow your business. Everything we do is backed by the expertise, support, and commitment that you already trust us for. Our culture of care means we invest time, energy, and resources to develop products you can count on. We care about quality as much as you do. Whether you need advice, more information or to make an order, we're here to help. About Sunyard Sunyard Technology Co., Ltd, the leading global payment solution provider, is offering cost-effective, superior quality payment terminals and financial software products including payment password system, same-city liquidation system, corporate e-bank system, risk alarm system, etc. As the earliest listed financial IT company in China (SSE Code: 600571), Sunyard has achieved the leading position in the field of financial industry with more than two decades of professional experience. Based on the solid foundation in the domestic market, Sunyard is committed to expanding the international market according to its development strategy. About Emerico Emerico is a world-leading digital transformation company, offering an end-to-end solution for customer experience with the aim to effectively enable your customers to make more key interactions that deliver greater levels of business. Emerico delivers an extensive portfolio of smart digital solutions and innovative technology for you to enhance customer experience, which is supported by comprehensive success services and consultancy that can ensure maximum project efficiency and cost savings. Emerico has won many awards, including the "Winner of BID World Quality Commitment Award in Paris 2015".

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