Commerce Technology Leader Shift4 Launches SkyTab POS, Next-Gen Restaurant Point-of-Sale System

Shift4 | September 08, 2022 | Read time : 01:59 min

Commerce Technology Leader Shift4 Launches SkyTab POS, Next-Gen Restaurant Point-of-Sale System
Shift4 a global leader in commerce technology, has officially launched SkyTab POS, the company’s next-generation restaurant point-of-sale (POS) system which includes cutting-edge hardware, robust functionality, powerful management tools, and various mobile solutions. SkyTab is a modern, all-in-one technology platform that allows restaurateurs to deliver exceptional guest experiences and manage every aspect of their business. SkyTab’s Android-based software offers robust functionality to modernize and empower foodservice businesses. It includes integrated online ordering and reservations, contactless/QR code ordering and payment, built-in marketing tools and loyalty program, mobile devices for tableside ordering and payment, eGift cards, and much more. SkyTab also features a built-in Marketplace to seamlessly connect popular third-party applications into the POS system, such as DoorDash, DoorDash Drive, Uber Eats, Postmates, and many others. The software’s “hybrid cloud” architecture ensures that restaurants can continue to operate even if there is an internet outage, including the ability to continue processing credit card payments with Shift4’s offline processing capabilities. In addition to these best-in-class capabilities, SkyTab delivers powerful management tools such as advanced reporting and analytics, remote menu management, labor scheduling, and a dedicated mobile app to stay connected on the go. SkyTab launches with proprietary new “space age” hardware, featuring sleek designs, powerful performance, and distinctive coloring. Hardware options include the SkyTab POS workstation with a large customer-facing display; SkyTab Mobile, a handheld mobile device for taking orders and payment at the table; SkyTab Glass, a tablet-based mobile POS option; and a touchscreen kitchen display system to quickly relay orders to the kitchen. SkyTab also includes integrations with several property management systems (PMS) to support restaurants in hotel environments. The PMS integrations available at launch are Oracle OPERA, Innquest, and Ezee.

“SkyTab POS is the culmination of Shift4’s decades of experience as a leader in restaurant technology. We currently touch more than one-third of all U.S. restaurants between our various POS brands and our payment processing platform. This deep expertise has uniquely enabled us to develop a technology platform that offers the tools and functionality that modern restaurants need to thrive The SkyTab ecosystem is unmatched on the market today and will only continue to improve.”

Mike Russo, Chief Technology Officer at Shift4

SkyTab is already operating in many notable restaurant and venue locations as part of an extensive beta testing period, including Shoney’s, United Center, and Toyota Center, but this is the first time the product has been released for general availability.
Anthony Parker, Shoney’s Board Member and Franchisee, stated: “To say that SkyTab POS is robust is an understatement. It is beautiful, sleek, easy to use, and the reporting is top shelf. It is what my company and our brand needs for the future.”
SkyTab POS pricing starts at $29.95/month, with no up-front costs – a genuinely disruptive price point that ensures every restaurant has access to the tools they need to succeed.


According to IDC, there will be 30 billion connected things by 2020¹. The Internet of Things market for retail is expected to grow at a CAGR of 48.36% for the period 2014-2019 according to MordorIntelligence². The adoption of IoT to create a more intelligent and connected retail ecosystem is referred to as the Internet of Retail Things (IoRT). By delivering networked information to relevant systems and end-users on a real-time basis, IoRT can catalyze the development of new business models and expand the scope of retail services.


According to IDC, there will be 30 billion connected things by 2020¹. The Internet of Things market for retail is expected to grow at a CAGR of 48.36% for the period 2014-2019 according to MordorIntelligence². The adoption of IoT to create a more intelligent and connected retail ecosystem is referred to as the Internet of Retail Things (IoRT). By delivering networked information to relevant systems and end-users on a real-time basis, IoRT can catalyze the development of new business models and expand the scope of retail services.

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Shift4 Launches New Online Payments Platform with Enhanced eCommerce Capabilities and Powerful Developer Tools

Shift4 | November 15, 2022

Shift4, a global leader in payment processing and commerce technology, has launched a new online payments platform with advanced developer tools to support eCommerce businesses of all sizes. Shift4’s new online payments platform allows businesses to easily create a customizable checkout form that can be embedded on any page of a website using just a few lines of code. This form features an intuitive and mobile-friendly UI supporting 24 languages, 160+ currencies and all major card types. It also supports a wide range of payment scenarios, including one-time payments, recurring payments and subscriptions, hybrid billing models with both one-time fees and subscription costs, and variable billing for pay-per-use or pay-per-user business models. The platform also includes smart anti-fraud tools to prevent fraudulent transactions and protect businesses from chargebacks. “Our new online payments platform delivers a truly unmatched solution that can support even the largest and most complex eCommerce merchants around the world, Built by developers for developers, our platform enables seamless web and mobile payments with a simple and flexible integration, powerful management tools, and the highest level of security.” Mike Russo, Chief Technology Officer at Shift4. This platform provides developers with all the tools they need to implement a best-in-class online payment solution, including a robust and customizable API, reliable SDKs, and extensive support resources. It also features a sandbox mode for developers to test the API and the entire payment process from the customer’s perspective. About Shift4 Shift4 is boldly redefining commerce by simplifying complex payment ecosystems worldwide. As the leader in commerce-enabling technology, Shift4 powers billions of transactions annually for hundreds of thousands of businesses in virtually every industry.

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Bluefin Acquires TECS to Combine Payments and Data Security Solutions

Bluefin Payment Systems | November 03, 2022

Bluefin, the recognized integrated payments leader in PCI-validated encryption and tokenization technologies that protect payments and sensitive data, today announced the acquisition of TECS Payment Systems, a global provider of omnichannel payment solutions to acquirers, payment service providers and POS system providers. Consumer demand for omnichannel payment options has grown at an astounding rate. According to Insider Intelligence, e-commerce sales are expected to reach $6.169 trillion in 2023, up from $3.351 trillion in 2019, while mobile payments are projected to grow from $1.97 trillion in 2021 to $11.83 trillion in 2028, reports Fortune Business Insights. Merchants require payment acceptance and processing technologies whether in-person contactless, digital wallet, mobile or online that ensure data privacy and security. Together, Bluefin and TECS will serve 34,000 connected merchants and nearly 300 global partners in 55 countries. The strategic combination expands the global footprint of both organizations. Bluefin and its customers gain omnichannel payments and smartPOS capabilities that will integrate with the company’s existing payments and data security suite. TECS and its customers will benefit from the addition of data security solutions that address growing needs of larger organizations, as well as additional resource investment in the innovative TECS product and solution suite. “We are delighted to welcome TECS’ employees, customers and partners to Bluefin, This combination brings together two companies that focus relentlessly on meeting merchant needs for next-generation payment processing and management as well as the secure exchange of PHI and PII data with PCI-validated encryption and tokenization.” John M. Perry, CEO, Bluefin. The TECS platform supports international card payments, fleet cards, account-based payments and digital wallets processed through in-person, mobile, unattended and e-commerce channels. SmartPOS devices are offered from Sunmi and Newland through the company’s own AppStore and Terminal Management Systems (TMS). Gateway features include multi-currency processing, a robust fraud system, a gift card/loyalty program and a proprietary 3D Secure (3DS) solution integrated with the card brands. Bluefin specializes in encrypted and tokenized integrated payments through their PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solutions for point-of-sale (POS) transactions and ShieldConex® data security platform for the tokenization of payments, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) entered online. There were natural synergies between the TECS and Bluefin solutions and teams, said Fazlollah Rostamian, Founder & CEO, TECS. “We are excited about what the strength of our combined resources will mean for our customers, and the many ways we can help businesses provide the payment experience that their customers demand. TECS will be integrated into the Bluefin team and continue its Austria-based operations, managed locally by TECS CEO and founder Fazlollah Rostamian. About Bluefin Bluefin is the recognized integrated payments leader in encryption and tokenization technologies to protect payments and sensitive data. Bluefin’s product suite includes solutions for contactless face-to-face, call center, mobile, Ecommerce and unattended payments and data in the healthcare, higher education, government and non-profit industries. The company’s 200 global partners serve 20,000 enterprise and software clients operating in 47 countries. For more information, visit https://www.bluefin.com/. About TECS Founded in 2000, TECS provides omnichannel payment solutions to Acquirers, Payment Service Providers, POS system providers, Independent Software Vendors and other merchant aggregators around the globe based on an open cloud-based payments platform. The TECS payments platform is integrated with over 100 technology partners, acquirers, processors and payment providers worldwide, including Fiserv, Global Payments, Worldline, EVO Payments and more, and connects 14,000 merchants in 17 countries with their in-store, unattended, mobile, and e-commerce solutions

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CommentSold Launches Point of Sale Solution Built on Stripe Terminal, Featuring Real-Time Inventory Management, Fraud Protection, Extremely Low Fees

CommentSold | September 23, 2022

CommentSold, the leading live video commerce solution enabling retail businesses to unlock sales growth through live selling, today announced the launch of its point of sale (POS) system built on Stripe, a financial infrastructure platform for businesses. This addition to CommentSold’s suite of solutions for retailers gives them access to a unified solution for in-person and online purchasing, inventory management, and seamless shopper experiences.Stripe Terminal is an in-person payments solution for modern businesses that will power CommentSold’s POS system and help online merchants augment their live selling revenue. Retailers use the CommentSold platform to simplify and automate retail operations, and marry their in-person and online presence through interactive shopping experiences. “Live selling is the future of retail, and consumer demand for it is growing rapidly. As retailers manage both online and in-person sales, it is increasingly important to get omnichannel inventory and payment handling right,We are thrilled to launch a point of sale system that ties directly into a shop's e-commerce platform. Our point of sale offering brings much-needed simplicity to our merchants as in-person sales can now update online inventory in real-time." Brandon Kruse, CEO of CommentSold For many customers, there's nothing better than having that special touch that comes with an in-person purchase, said Roshan Sadanani, Product Manager at Stripe.Our collaboration with CommentSold unifies online payments and point-of-sale for businesses, helping them grow revenue across live streams, live sales, and everything in between. CommentSold’s digital platform already simplifies inventory and order management, payments, invoicing, labeling, packaging, and fulfillment processing for business owners and enables live selling on social media, mobile apps, and websites. With the addition of its POS system, CommentSold retailers will now be able to save time and labor with a fully integrated platform, simplify fulfillment with a single inventory management system for in-store and online purchases and reduce POS costs with free initial setup and terminal fees. CommentSold’s POS system was launched via a pilot program for select CommentSold customers in September 2021. Early adopters deemed it a significant asset to their business operations, giving them easy access to critical data while creating a cohesive sales experience for online and in-person shopping. When CommentSold piloted the POS system with us, it was life-changing for our entire staff,” said Kati Kemph, owner of Illinois-based boutique Kie & Kate Couture. It’s been a seamless experience for both our brick-and-mortar business and our website, as well as our backend operations. Since adopting the POS, we’ve had far fewer errors and inventory discrepancies, which has had a tremendous impact on our sales. Since Kie & Kate Couture launched with CommentSold POS in November 2021, ~60% of their GMV has been through the POS. By combining their brick-and-mortar with their online and social selling, Kie & Kate Couture has established an omnichannel sales strategy a critical factor in driving and maintaining sales growth in retail. With CommentSold’s POS system, CommentSold customers can look up detailed information in existing accounts, create new accounts, add products to carts, add coupons, accept cash and credit, send email receipts, and integrate with receipt printers and cash drawers all via their iPads. CommentSold will develop new features and functionality over the coming months based on ongoing feedback. CommentSold’s POS system is currently available to customers using CS Payments and includes benefits like one-click check-out, popular wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, local payment methods across most devices, and the CommentSold Dispute Protection service, which helps detect and prevent fraud. To celebrate the launch and enable retailers to develop their omnichannel infrastructure, all new and existing CommentSold customers will receive a waiver on credit card transaction fees on the POS system through 2023. About CommentSold CommentSold is the North American leader of live selling technology, with over 4,000 small to enterprise-sized retailers, more than 95M items sold and $2.8B+ in lifetime GMV. CommentSold’s technology continues to provide small businesses and enterprises with best-in-class solutions for delivering engaging live video commerce experiences, such as with their white-label live video commerce technology, Videeo, which gives enterprises the ability to deliver engaging, branded live video commerce experiences by easily integrating live selling into an online retailers' existing e-commerce stack. In 2021 alone, retailers working with CommentSold processed over $1.1B in GMV and shipped over 34M items. Clients use live video and shoppable video clips generated from live events to sell fashion, beauty, home goods, electronics and other items to over 16M registered users of the platform. CommentSold is led by entrepreneur Brandon Kruse and is based in Huntsville, Alabama

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