CommentSold Launches Point of Sale Solution Built on Stripe Terminal, Featuring Real-Time Inventory Management, Fraud Protection, Extremely Low Fees

CommentSold | September 23, 2022 | Read time : 03:09 min

CommentSold Launches Point of Sale Solution Built on Stripe Terminal, Featuring Real-Time Inventory Management, Fraud Protection, and Extremely Low Fees
CommentSold, the leading live video commerce solution enabling retail businesses to unlock sales growth through live selling, today announced the launch of its point of sale (POS) system built on Stripe, a financial infrastructure platform for businesses. This addition to CommentSold’s suite of solutions for retailers gives them access to a unified solution for in-person and online purchasing, inventory management, and seamless shopper experiences.Stripe Terminal is an in-person payments solution for modern businesses that will power CommentSold’s POS system and help online merchants augment their live selling revenue. Retailers use the CommentSold platform to simplify and automate retail operations, and marry their in-person and online presence through interactive shopping experiences.

“Live selling is the future of retail, and consumer demand for it is growing rapidly. As retailers manage both online and in-person sales, it is increasingly important to get omnichannel inventory and payment handling right,We are thrilled to launch a point of sale system that ties directly into a shop's e-commerce platform. Our point of sale offering brings much-needed simplicity to our merchants as in-person sales can now update online inventory in real-time."

Brandon Kruse, CEO of CommentSold

For many customers, there's nothing better than having that special touch that comes with an in-person purchase, said Roshan Sadanani, Product Manager at Stripe.Our collaboration with CommentSold unifies online payments and point-of-sale for businesses, helping them grow revenue across live streams, live sales, and everything in between. CommentSold’s digital platform already simplifies inventory and order management, payments, invoicing, labeling, packaging, and fulfillment processing for business owners and enables live selling on social media, mobile apps, and websites. With the addition of its POS system, CommentSold retailers will now be able to save time and labor with a fully integrated platform, simplify fulfillment with a single inventory management system for in-store and online purchases and reduce POS costs with free initial setup and terminal fees. CommentSold’s POS system was launched via a pilot program for select CommentSold customers in September 2021. Early adopters deemed it a significant asset to their business operations, giving them easy access to critical data while creating a cohesive sales experience for online and in-person shopping. When CommentSold piloted the POS system with us, it was life-changing for our entire staff,” said Kati Kemph, owner of Illinois-based boutique Kie & Kate Couture. It’s been a seamless experience for both our brick-and-mortar business and our website, as well as our backend operations. Since adopting the POS, we’ve had far fewer errors and inventory discrepancies, which has had a tremendous impact on our sales. Since Kie & Kate Couture launched with CommentSold POS in November 2021, ~60% of their GMV has been through the POS. By combining their brick-and-mortar with their online and social selling, Kie & Kate Couture has established an omnichannel sales strategy  a critical factor in driving and maintaining sales growth in retail. With CommentSold’s POS system, CommentSold customers can look up detailed information in existing accounts, create new accounts, add products to carts, add coupons, accept cash and credit, send email receipts, and integrate with receipt printers and cash drawers  all via their iPads. CommentSold will develop new features and functionality over the coming months based on ongoing feedback. CommentSold’s POS system is currently available to customers using CS Payments and includes benefits like one-click check-out, popular wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, local payment methods across most devices, and the CommentSold Dispute Protection service, which helps detect and prevent fraud. To celebrate the launch and enable retailers to develop their omnichannel infrastructure, all new and existing CommentSold customers will receive a waiver on credit card transaction fees on the POS system through 2023.

About CommentSold
CommentSold is the North American leader of live selling technology, with over 4,000 small to enterprise-sized retailers, more than 95M items sold and $2.8B+ in lifetime GMV. CommentSold’s technology continues to provide small businesses and enterprises with best-in-class solutions for delivering engaging live video commerce experiences, such as with their white-label live video commerce technology, Videeo, which gives enterprises the ability to deliver engaging, branded live video commerce experiences by easily integrating live selling into an online retailers' existing e-commerce stack. In 2021 alone, retailers working with CommentSold processed over $1.1B in GMV and shipped over 34M items. Clients use live video and shoppable video clips generated from live events to sell fashion, beauty, home goods, electronics and other items to over 16M registered users of the platform. CommentSold is led by entrepreneur Brandon Kruse and is based in Huntsville, Alabama


How retailers can use descriptive, predictive, prescriptive and cognitive analytics to create better retail forecasts based on consumer and user behavior. The following are tests conducted in the Retail industry by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Oracle Retail Science team.


How retailers can use descriptive, predictive, prescriptive and cognitive analytics to create better retail forecasts based on consumer and user behavior. The following are tests conducted in the Retail industry by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Oracle Retail Science team.

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Honeywell | November 02, 2022

Honeywell today announced the release of Honeywell Smart Pay, a contactless software payment solution enabling the company's powerful mobile computers to become secure and compliant payment terminals, accepting contactless mobile payments from anywhere a business sells or delivers goods and services. Honeywell Smart Pay gives sales associates and service employees the power to finalize payments on-the-spot in retail, parcel delivery, public transportation services and other businesses where mobile payment can be used. With a major chip-enabled credit card or contactless payment-enabled mobile phone, any employee with a Honeywell mobile computer, including the award winning CT30 XP and CT40 XP, can accept payment from a consumer either out in the field or in store, improving the overall customer experience and providing a seamless transactional experience with increased security and flexibility of payment options. "Effortless check-out and the delivery of specialized customer service can help create loyal customers and make lasting impressions,We designed Honeywell Smart Pay with the goal of helping merchants make consumer purchasing faster, easier and secure making the customer experience better." Taylor Smith, chief technology officer of Honeywell Productivity Solutions and Services More people are using cards and digital wallets to make purchases in store instead of using cash. The Federal Reserve Board noted that in 2021, only one in five consumers preferred to pay with cash for in-person payments. Salesforce1 recently reported 83% of consumers have already used contactless payments, and 65% of customers plan to use contactless payments more in the next three years. For a merchant, traditional mobile point of sale (mPOS) accessories that mount on a mobile computer come with a recurring lifetime cost for hardware for card readers, costs for encryption keys for payment processing which, when combined, rival the cost of the mobile computer alone, nearly doubling the total upfront cost for mobile payment. Smart Pay software point of sale eliminates these added costs and the bulk and weight of the accessories while keeping customer data secure. The software solution was designed in collaboration with leading payment software and consulting provider Amadis, whose software has been deployed in more than 40 million mobile devices globally. Honeywell Smart Pay incorporates sophisticated secure code and anti-tampering technology with Amadis' proven card processing and security software essentials, providing a secure payment acceptance services solution," said Emmanuel Haydont, CEO and co-founder of Amadis. "This technology emulates in software the physical secure platform and tamper detection employed on traditional payment terminals to maintain the high level of security compliance demanded by payment networks to assure safe retail payments. Honeywell Smart Pay supports major credit cards representing more than 85% of global transaction volume, with additional regional card brands to come in 2023. Honeywell Productivity Solutions and Services develops and deploys an innovative range of solutions, software and services that help keep workers and workplaces safer and more productive, and supply chains and assets more efficient, accurate and reliable.Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions (SPS) provides products, software and connected solutions that improve productivity, workplace safety and asset performance for our customers across the globe. We deliver on this promise through industry-leading mobile devices, software, cloud technology and automation solutions, the broadest range of personal protective equipment and gas detection technology, and custom-engineered sensors, switches and controls .Honeywell delivers industry-specific solutions that include aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings and industry; and performance materials globally. Our technologies help aircraft, buildings, manufacturing plants, supply chains, and workers become more connected to make our world smarter, safer, and more sustainable.

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Usio Announces Unique Point-of-Sale Credit Solution for Businesses, Implemented Without Any Lending Risk for Usio

usio | September 07, 2022

Usio, Inc:, a leading FinTech integrated payment solutions provider, today announced implementing its new Point-of-Sale Credit solution, enabling businesses to offer instant credit to their customers without absorbing any of the risks of consumer lending. “Point-of-sale consumer lending is growing faster than any other unsecured lending, growing from $92 billion in outstanding loan balances in 2019 to a predicted $182 billion in 2023, according to The Ascent, Our new Point-of-Sale Lending solution enables businesses to quickly and easily offer instant POS credit to their customers, without the challenge of integration or credit concerns. Any business that deals directly with customers over relatively larger-priced purchases can use this instant credit as a way to potentially win more business at the point of sale.” Louis Hoch, President and CEO of Usio. According to The Ascent, the percentage of people who have used a buy now pay later service grew 62% across all age groups between July 2020 and March 2021, with the exception of those over the age of 54, which saw a 98% increase in usage. Buy now pay later is preferred by consumers over the use of credit cards, according to the Bread Research Report on Payment Preferences, published in October 2019. For example, 53% of people would prefer to make a $200 purchase in four equal interest-free payments, avoiding the high interest that would be incurred on a credit card during that period. Monthly installments come to the forefront with larger purchase amounts, where 49% would prefer to make monthly installment payments on a $1,000 purchase and a full 69% would prefer monthly payments for a $5,000 purchase. Only 14 to 15% would prefer to use a credit card for such larger purchases. No integration is required with Usio’s Point-of-Sale Lending solution. Businesses receive payment faster, with funds deposited the next day. Point-of-Sale Lending improves customer satisfaction and loyalty, and gives organizations a competitive edge by offering customers flexible payment options over various periods of time. Most importantly, businesses receive all the advantages of providing an instant lending solution to their customers without absorbing any of the risk. Consumers have the option of a no interest buy now pay later installment loan of 6 weeks or less, or longer durations with interest rates that are aggressively priced with market competitive rates. Revenue recognition at the merchant level will occur at the time of the sale, while funds (net of any potential associated expenses) will settle the next day. About Usio, Inc. Usio, Inc. (Nasdaq: USIO), a leading, cloud-based, integrated FinTech electronic payment solutions provider, offers a wide range of payment solutions to merchants, billers, banks, service bureaus, crypto exchanges, and card issuers. The Company operates credit, debit/prepaid, and ACH payment processing platforms to deliver convenient, world-class payment solutions and services to their clients. The company, through its Usio Output Solutions division offers services relating to electronic bill presentment, document composition, document decomposition and printing and mailing services. The strength of the Company lies in its ability to provide tailored solutions for card issuance, payment acceptance, and bill payments as well as its unique technology in the prepaid sector. Usio is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, and has offices in Austin, Texas, and Franklin, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville.

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SCIENTIFIC GAMES | November 22, 2022

Scientific Games will provide the company's latest WAVE point-of-sale technology across Atlantic Lottery's retailer network of 3,000 locations in the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador. The technology modernization is part of Atlantic Lottery's retail rejuvenation through a new contract with Scientific Games, which also includes other equipment and software. WAVE is the company's flagship, high-performance clerk-operated terminal designed for ease of use and speed of service in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of different retail environments. The new WAVE terminals follow a rollout of Scientific Games' award-winning PlayCentral HD self-service kiosks for Atlantic Lottery throughout summer 2022, the first full player self-service technology in Canada. Offering players expanded access to lottery draw and instant scratch games as well as sports betting, the full-sized PlayCentral HDs kiosks feature age verification, as well as cash and cashless payment options. Available in the provinces of New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador, the convenient, self-service kiosks are part of Atlantic Lottery's strategic goal to modernize the retail experience to better meet the needs and expectations of its players and retailers. "Atlantic Lottery is excited to support our plans for retail evolution over the next five years with advanced technology at point-of-sale. We are delighted to have advanced terminals for our retailers, and we are aligning with rapidly moving modernization trends taking place at retail." Joey Cormier, Vice President of Channels for Atlantic Lottery, An advanced, modular central gaming system from Scientific Games was implemented for Atlantic Lottery in 2017. In addition to retail and gaming systems technology, Scientific Games supplies Atlantic Lottery with a full digital lottery system and player subscription services and is the primary provider of its successful Scratch'N Win games. The company's relationship with Atlantic Lottery dates back to 1983, resulting in a partnership that has kept pace with technology advancements over the decades and driven growth across the Lottery's entire portfolio. John Schulz, President, Americas & Global Instant Products for Scientific Games, said, "As retailers adapt to workforce challenges and consumer convenience, advanced retail point-of-sale technology is crucial. We will see retail technology, including self-service, have an increasingly important role in driving lottery performance. The Atlantic Lottery's new systems infrastructure implemented with Scientific Games supports the Lottery's ability to adapt swiftly to ensure relevance, growth and sustainability in a rapidly changing world. One of Canada's most innovative lotteries, Atlantic Lottery offers a wide variety of player entertainment, including retail and digital instant games, numbers games and sports betting. The Lottery returns 100% of profits to the provinces to help fund essential services like health care, education and infrastructure. Scientific Games is the fastest growing lottery systems technology provider in North America, the largest in Europe, and is a leading provider of digital lottery games, mobile apps, player loyalty programs and sports betting. The company's products represent nearly 70% of instant scratch game retail sales globally. About Scientific Games Scientific Games is a global leader in retail and digital products, technology and services that drive profits for government-sponsored lottery and sports betting programs. From enterprise gaming platforms to exciting entertainment experiences and trailblazing retail and digital solutions, we elevate play every day. We are industry pioneers in data analytics, retail solutions and iLottery. Built on a foundation of trusted partnerships since 1973, Scientific Games combines relentless innovation, performance and unwavering security to responsibly propel the industry forward.

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