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Clip.mx continues to Lead the Digital Transformation of Mexico's Commerce with New Suite of Products.

Clip, Mexico's leading digital payments and commerce platform, announced several new innovations to their products which grant merchants in Mexico better access to digital payments and financial services.

Over 75% of Clip merchants transacted with cash only before joining Clip. Today, two out of three merchants that join Mexico's digital payments system use Clip's products.

"Our experience and strong relationship with customers inspired us to develop the most comprehensive digital payment system in the industry, one that meets the needs of all merchants and encourages their growth. Clip is for everyone and today we have products for any business, regardless of size, industry or location,"

- Adolfo Babatz, founder and CEO of Clip Mexico.

In their recent launch event, 'reCONNECT,' Clip highlighted its evolution to becoming the number one payments platform in Mexico and showcased the company's latest innovations.

Among the products and solutions that Clip launched, there were three point-of-sale terminals - Clip Mini, Clip Pro 2 and Clip Stand -, three Remote Payments software features - QR Code, Payment Link, URL Link -, and two hardware accessories - Clip Cashbox and Clip Printer.

Key highlights include:
  • Clip Stand – the main featured product of the event, the most complete point of sale terminal with a 16-inch HD portable touch screen, a camera with a reader to photograph products and scan both barcodes and QR codes, a free digital catalog to manage inventory and sales, and unlimited free internet on all transactions.
  • Remote Payments 2.0 – allows merchants to generate QR codes for contactless payments, custom links for card-not-present sales, and trade links to centralize payments from a permanent link.
  • Clip Cashbox and Printer – the Cashbox allows merchants to manage both cash and credit securely in one place, while the Printer generates printed orders, receipts, and daily sales summaries without the need for a link.

This diverse set of hardware and software provides merchants with the ability to process payments - including national and international credit, debit, voucher cards and contactless payments - with more than 19 banks and partners. Merchants can process payments with or without a cell phone, tablet or internet access. Clip products also give merchants access to key functions at no additional cost, such as inventory management and selling cell phone airtime top-ups.

With these innovations, Clip reinforces its commitment to driving financial inclusion in Mexico by broadening access to digital payment solutions for Mexico's thousands of small and medium-sized businesses.

About Clip
Clip is the leading commerce and digital payment platform that is empowering businesses in Mexico to interact and transact with its consumers more effectively through innovative technologies, best-in-class customer service, and the ability to accept all payment methods digitally. The company has more than 1,000 employees with offices in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Salt Lake City, and Buenos Aires.



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