Chetu Partners with Odoo to Provide International Clients with Custom ERP Solutions

Chetu, Inc. | February 09, 2023 | Read time : 02:24 min

Chetu Partners with Odoo to Provide International Clients with

Chetu, a leading supplier of world-class software development and support services, announced its partnership with Odoo, a creator of easy-to-use, open-source business apps that constitute a comprehensive suite of tools to meet any firm's requirements. As an Odoo partner, Chetu's professionals are growing their capacity to provide ERP software development services to clients spanning a wide range of industries.

As the leading provider of open-source business software, Odoo offers a set of solutions that are meant to be robust, simple to update, user-friendly, and completely integrated. Odoo's range of business applications handles a variety of contemporary company requirements, such as CRM, eCommerce, inventory, accounting, POS, marketing automation, and project management. In addition, its open-source development strategy enables experienced developers, such as Chetu, to construct a community of fully connected business applications that will allow automated business operations.

With a focus on scalability, usability, and device agnosticism, Odoo's application portfolio and development capabilities perfectly match the services Chetu offers its customers across all industries. Chetu is in an excellent position to provide both Odoo's and its customers with the latest in world-class software development, migration, integration, and implementation services as more businesses adopt integrated and automated solutions.

About Chetu

Chetu is a software development firm established in the United States that provides specialized technology solutions to enterprises globally. As a mobile and web application development business, the firm combines technology competence, domain-specific experience, and a commitment to quality to provide enterprise-level solutions. Its specialist technology and industry expertise provide startups, SMBs, and Fortune 5000 enterprises with an unmatched, client-specific software delivery approach. Its one-stop-shop strategy encompasses a complete range of software technologies. Chetu, with headquarters in Sunrise, Florida, has 14 offices in the U.S., Asia, and Europe and employs more than 2,800 software specialists globally.

About Odoo

Odoo is a suite of open-source, integrated business software actively programmed, maintained, and managed by Odoo SA. Odoo is comparable to several open-source initiatives in which a customized, active worldwide community and network of partners offer customized programming, support, and other services. The assembly comprises over 1,500 active individuals who have contributed over 4,500 modules to Odoo's continuing development. The solution is deployed locally via a network of certified partners established in more than 120 countries. With over 1,500 downloads daily, the program is one of the most commonly installed business suites globally.


This extensive guide provides 40+ valuable tips on preparing marketing campaigns, managing product information, and preparing on-site to cope with traffic surges during holiday sales. The whitepaper also consists of checklists, planners, and more advanced strategies to futureproof tech stack.


This extensive guide provides 40+ valuable tips on preparing marketing campaigns, managing product information, and preparing on-site to cope with traffic surges during holiday sales. The whitepaper also consists of checklists, planners, and more advanced strategies to futureproof tech stack.

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Paya and 1Retail Collaborates to Provide Advanced Payment Features in Acumatica Cloud ERP

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A renowned provider of integrated payments and commerce solutions, Paya, recently announced entering into a partnership with 1Retail, a POS system vendor, to provide them with access to Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) contactless and saved payments in Acumatica Cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. The enhanced checkout experience provided by Paya features industry-leading hardware and comprehensive reconciliation of all credit card and ACH payments. The Paya and 1Retail interface delivers a contactless or convenient EMV checkout experience and enables returning customers to make purchases without a physical card using payment information saved in the Acumatica ERP. This is a solid solution for firms that frequently have employees make purchases on their behalf. By expanding the P2PE solution throughout the full 1Retail and Acumatica environments, Paya secures PCI compliance for these capabilities. The combination of Paya and 1Retail enhances both the reconciliation process and the reporting capabilities, which in turn improves the customer checkout experience. With Paya's support, it's easy for businesses to find the clearing accounts associated with a given transaction, allowing for lightning-fast deposits. Multi-location and high-volume merchants will benefit the most from this great time-saver for AR. About Paya Paya is a prominent integrated payment and frictionless commerce solutions provider that assists customers in accepting and making payments, accelerating money receipt, and increasing operational efficiencies. The organization processes approximately $40 billion in annual payment volume across ACH, credit/debit card, and check, making it the leading payment processing provider in the United States. Paya is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and has offices in Reston, Virginia; Fort Walton Beach, Florida; Mt. Vernon, Ohio; and Dallas, Texas. About 1Retail 1Retail is a provider of contemporary tools designed to address the main issues that legacy point-of-sale (POS) solutions confront. They provide a customer-centric POS solution that is quick, safe, and scalable to match the demands of their clients. The 1Retail software can be deployed through an on-terminal or mobile device and has full offline functionality. The solution is intended for the cloud, but it may also be installed locally on the client's company computers and servers (on-premise).

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Standard AI, a global leader in Retail AI, recently announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire Skip, a leading self-checkout solutions provider. As a result, standard AI will become the only firm to combine AI-powered autonomous checkout with self-checkout into an integrated experience. Retailers seeking immediate relief from labor pains will have access to a self-checkout alternative with a clearly defined road to an autonomous future due to this powerful combination. In addition, standard AI will combine Skip's cloud-based point of sale (POS) with the complicated back office ecosystem to expedite operations and provide better control over pricing, promotions, discounts, and other factors. AI in retail has revolutionized the capabilities of physical stores. Leading retailers employ Standard CheckoutTM (a component of the Vision OS platform) to turn current stores into checkout-free retail experiences that customers like. It provides the industry's quickest and most accurate time-to-receipt as well as ground-breaking insights into store operations, all from a single platform. Standard AI will continue to market Skip alone or in conjunction with its Vision OS^ solution (upon the close of the acquisition). So now, retailers can choose the course that best suits them: • Get Skip: Standard AI will continue to supply Skip as a standalone alternative for retailers needing a quick and low-cost self-checkout unit to provide more significant assistance and flexibility to their in-store personnel. • Get Vision OS^ with Skip option : Standard AI will include a Skip kiosk with the Vision OS platform for retailers that desire immediate relief from labor problems and a transformed retail experience. This implies that users may benefit from both the SCO and autonomous checkout experiences in a single solution. This potent combination will support the entire shopper base, reduce labor difficulties, uncover an unparalleled degree of analytics and insights, and will not need downsizing or customer experience tradeoffs. About Standard AI Founded in 2017, Standard AI is a global leader in retail AI and has transformed retail as we know it. The Standard platform is the first checkout-free solution that works in any existing store, allowing consumers to walk in, grab what they need, and walk out without standing in line or pausing to scan or pay. In addition, the company's machine vision and AI-powered solution is the only one that can be swiftly and simply implemented in retailers' existing stores, representing a giant leap forward for retail technology and allowing retailers to deliver an extraordinary new shopping experience to customers rapidly.

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