Bold Commerce Collaborates with PayPal Bringing Payments and Commerce Together

Bold Commerce | January 30, 2023 | Read time : 02:16 min

Bold Commerce Collaborates with PayPal Bringing Payments

Bold commerce, the leading ecommerce technology company powering checkout and subscription experiences for leading retailers and DTC brands, has announced a new integration with the financial technology comapny PayPal.

PayPal is working with Bold Commerce to integrate payments and commerce as it enters headless commerce. This integration will allow retailers and brands to leverage Bold Commerce's headless checkout suite and the PayPal Commerce Platform to develop sales channels beyond their traditional website and accept all payment methods, including Venmo, PayPal, PayPal Pay Later, and credit cards.

With over half of the shoppers (53%) leaving checkout before finishing their purchase, retailers have long recognized the need for improved checkout. Still they have previously disregarded it as too expensive and difficult to change. However, to increase conversion and business growth, retailers must offer customized checkout experiences based on shoppers' profiles and buying behavior (e.g., device, touchpoint, location). This necessitates extending the checkout experience outside typical ecommerce channels in order to meet customers where they are, with the flexibility to offer payment choices that match their preferences.

The partnership between PayPal and Bold Commerce enables retailers to accomplish this by combining payments and checkout into a single, pre-integrated solution. Now, retailers can place checkout options wherever consumers interact, such as on blogs, social media, and with QR codes on packaging. In addition, retailers can use a single payment service to manage and accept a wide variety of payment methods, including Venmo, PayPal, the PayPal Pay Later solution, debit and credit cards, and other local payment methods.

By combining Bold Checkout with PayPal's more than 430 million active accounts, the partnership paves the way for the largest global cross-merchant network impact in ecommerce.By using both PayPal and Bold Commerce, retailers may enhance their revenue through a higher checkout conversion rate and new shoppable touchpoints. Additionally, through Bold's checkout experience suite, retailers can leverage a headless, all-in-one payment and checkout solution to increase sales without incurring the cost and downtime time involved to re-platform.

About Bold Commerce

Founded in 2012, Bold is an app developer that strives to increase platform capabilities with technology to help brands grow while still providing excellent service. Its Checkout Experience Suite is the only customizable, high-converting, headless checkout with built-in subscription and pricing capabilities, enabling a checkout without limits. Leading omnichannel retailers, such as Harry Rosen, Vera Bradley, and Staples Canada, as well as burgeoning DTC brands, such as Pepsi and Mars, rely on Bold to enhance checkout conversion and deliver anywhere commerce.


Payment processing from Oracle just got better. The Oracle MICROS Simphony mobile order and payment processing solution puts a full restaurant POS with contactless payment in the hands of every server. With our all-in-one mobile solution you get simple transparent payment terms with no hidden fees, a single line of support for your entire operation from POS to payment disputes, and the power of Simphony in the palm of your hand.


Payment processing from Oracle just got better. The Oracle MICROS Simphony mobile order and payment processing solution puts a full restaurant POS with contactless payment in the hands of every server. With our all-in-one mobile solution you get simple transparent payment terms with no hidden fees, a single line of support for your entire operation from POS to payment disputes, and the power of Simphony in the palm of your hand.

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Snack POS Announce the Addition of New Omnichannel Payments Technology and Features

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On March 8, 2023, Snack POS, a rapidly expanding processor-independent restaurant POS software, announced the launch of its new dual pricing functionality, which enables restaurants to clearly display card versus cash prices on POS terminals at the point of sale. The new function addresses the rising credit card processing fees that have become a substantial expenditure for many food establishments. With the dual pricing functionality, restaurants can now give a discount to guests who pay with cash or other non-credit card modes while providing transparency during the checkout process. Shmuly Preizler, CEO of Snack, said, "We understand the challenges that restaurants face when it comes to managing costs and profitability, especially in today's competitive market." He added, "Our new dual pricing feature is designed to help restaurants reduce the impact of credit card processing fees on their bottom line, while also providing customers with flexibility in their payment options." (Source – Business Wire) The new functionality is included in Snack's restaurant POS software, which is intended to assist restaurants to increase efficiency, streamline their operations, and deliver a smooth experience for both customers and staff. The software offers a wide range of features, such as order management, menu management, payment processing, reporting, and support for online ordering and delivery services. Restaurants that use the new dual pricing function will have the ability to customize both the charge amount and the discount amount for cash payments to suit their specific needs. The feature also provides sophisticated reporting capabilities, enabling restaurants to monitor credit card fees and discounts and assess their influence on long-term profitability. About Snack POS Headquartered in New York, Snack POS is an emerging provider of end-to-end, processor-agnostic, omnichannel, and feature-rich restaurant software solutions. The company provides its reseller partners with extensive, cutting-edge tools and the flexibility necessary to thrive in today's fast-evolving business environment. Features of Snack POS include real-time menu management, secure payment processing, inventory tracking, and comprehensive reporting.

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Spreedly, the leading payment orchestration platform provider, announced the addition of integrations for PayPal Credit, Venmo, PayPal Pay Later, and ACH payments, providing clients with even more payment method possibilities. These additional payment methods are now accessible to PayPal and Spreedly customers processing via PayPal Braintree. An effective payment plan must incorporate the appropriate combination of payment options to accommodate client preferences, regional payment requirements, and a variety of other factors. Payments Orchestration supports the integration of new and local payment methods (LPMs), providing an extensive set of payment options for assisting global merchants to reach more customers, reduce transaction fees, and improve conversion rates. Randy Guard, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Spreedly, stated, "Through our single point of integration, Spreedly provides the capability, along with a wealth of knowledge, to enable customers to select the right mix of payment methods for today's market needs – and prepare for future, unknown needs." He added, "Our joint customers are able to offer a variety of local payment methods, like Venmo, and make it even easier for consumers to pay using any method they choose." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) About Spreedly Founded in 2008, Spreedly is a leading provider of payments orchestration platforms, enabling and optimizing digital transactions with the most comprehensive payment services marketplace in the world. By utilizing our payments technology, global organizations and hyper-growth companies can expand their digital businesses more rapidly.Hundreds of global clients secure card data in their PCI-compliant vault and use tokenized card data to facilitate and optimize more than $45 billion in yearly transaction volumes with any payment service. The headquarters of Spreedly is located in downtown Durham, North Carolina.

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