Big Chicken Selects PAR Technology’s Brink, Data Central and PAR Pay to Streamline Digital Operations

Big Chicken | July 06, 2022 | Read time : 03:31 min

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ParTech, Inc. (PAR), a global restaurant technology company and provider of a unified commerce cloud platform for enterprise restaurants, today announced that Big Chicken has selected PAR’s Brink POS, Data Central Backoffice and PAR Pay for its food and beverage in-store technological requirements.
Big Chicken, the star-powered fast casual chicken concept founded by NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal, will utilize PAR’s leading software solutions to streamline its digital platforms. By choosing to partner with PAR and incorporate its software systems early in its growth phase, Big Chicken is aiming to ensure that it will avoid the typical growing pains of an emerging brand with overall guest satisfaction continuing as it opens multiple new restaurants.

“The foresight that Big Chicken had to incorporate PAR’s unified commerce platform so early in their expansion plans will not only help maximize each restaurant’s efficiency and profitability, but make sure that the focus stays on the guest experience, We believe in each of our customer centric solutions and feel that by implementing them all together, Big Chicken’s leadership team, its team members and especially its guests will benefit from the guidance and support of our industry-leading software and support staff to confirm each restaurant operates smoothly.”

-Savneet Singh CEO & President PAR.

Brink POS, PAR’s robust point-of-sale (POS) solution, allows restaurants to integrate suppliers, accounting and payroll systems directly into the POS and consolidate information all in one place which in turn enhances the back of house experience with streamlined and more intuitive functions and procedures and therefore improving the front of house experience between restaurant and guest.

Data Central, PAR’s back of house software, standardizes and centralizes data streams like inventory management and labor management across all restaurant locations. PAR Pay is a subscription payment middleware application that is mobile and gift card friendly.

We’re thrilled to announce this partnership and believe PAR and its solutions will help us ensure that all of our software works cohesively so we can focus on doing what we do best — serving our guests, said Big Chicken CEO Josh Halpern. With several locations open and more than 150 in the development pipeline, our growth isn’t slowing down anytime soon and we want our franchisees and their teams to be able to focus on our food and our guests. To do that we need tools that can guarantee ease, correct & precise analytics, and consistency of service. PAR will be the point guard of our tech stack.

About Big Chicken-
Founded in 2018, Big Chicken is backed by a dream team of partners; JRS Hospitality, an accomplished Las Vegas-based ownership group; Authentic Brands Group, a multi-national, multi-billion-dollar brand development, marketing and entertainment company; and Hall of Fame basketball star Shaquille O’Neal. Big Chicken fuses O’Neal’s home-cooked childhood favorites with today’s trending flavors. From crispy chicken sandwiches and tenders to Cheez-It® crusted mac n’ cheese and hand-crafted ice cream shakes, each menu item tells a story all while offering guests an inside look into the life and personality of Shaquille O’Neal. With two traditional locations currently open and several in the development pipeline, Big Chicken is prepped to begin U.S. and international expansion through franchising. To learn more about Big Chicken, visit

About PAR Technology Corporatio-
For more than 40 years, PAR’s (NYSE Symbol: PAR) cutting-edge products and services have helped bold and passionate restaurant brands build lasting guest relationships. We are the partner enterprise restaurants rely on when they need to serve amazing moments from open to close, during the most hectic rush hours, and when the world forces them to adapt and overcome. More than 100,000 restaurants in more than 110 countries use PAR’s restaurant hardware, software, drive-thru, and back-office solutions. With the recent acquisition of Punchh Inc., leading SaaS based customer loyalty and engagement solutions provider, PAR has become a Unified Commerce Cloud Platform for Enterprise Restaurants.


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At NRF 2019, we asked retail professionals: “What are the top retail trends in 2019?” From artificial intelligence and VR to loyaty programs and bitcoin, hear what technologies and trends they see making an impact.

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Raydiant's Partnership with Square Represents Exciting New Era for Restaurants and Retailers

Raydiant | August 12, 2022

Raydiant, the in-location experience platform for brick-and-mortar enterprises, today announced its partnership with Square, the globally trusted software, payments and hardware company. The collaboration sets the tone for the future of brick-and-mortar by empowering businesses to create next-level in-store experiences for both customers and employees. "Restaurant and retail merchants just endured potentially the most difficult two years of business they've ever had, They want simple, streamlined processes that keep sales up, employees happy, and customers loyal. For the first time ever, this simplification of a tedious back-end process allows retailers to shift their focus from operations to hospitality. They can return to nurturing the heart and soul of their businesses." -Bobby Marhamat, Raydiant's CEO. By integrating with Raydiant's Digital Menus app, Square merchants now have the ability to create, schedule, and automatically update digital signage that connects to their Square POS system. This will improve a business' efficiency by eliminating manual updates to menu items. Square merchants will also soon have access to Raydiant's Self-Service Kiosks outfitted with Square's POS system, automatically updating any changes to item availability and pricing. A recent survey showed nearly 60% of consumers preferred a self-service checkout option over a cashier-assisted one. This integration will create a seamless, streamlined ordering experience while reducing manual, time-consuming tasks for front-of-house staff. "As consumers return to brick-and-mortar stores, our priority is enabling sellers to provide a dynamic, seamless experience for their customers and staff, With this partnership, Square sellers will experience benefits for both front-of-house and back-of-house operations. Their customers will enjoy simple self-service checkouts with kiosks and will receive real-time updates from digital signage, while employees will have the unique opportunity to join in motivating contests and redeem points for rewards. This improved experience will build loyalty not only among their customers, but staff as well." -Vijay Vachani, Global Head of Partners and Developers at Square. Square merchants can also leverage Raydiant's Employee Experience Platform for connecting, motivating, and celebrating back-of-house employees. Data such as average physical sales by employee, sales by location, and top selling items are transformed from Square's POS system into motivating contests, games, and other healthy employee competition. For example, managers can track sales activity to determine who sold the most of a particular item. Employees can redeem earned points for various rewards — from electronics and gift cards to travel experiences — through Raydiant's recognition platform. Better employee experiences are critical, as Raydiant's recent State of Deskless Work report found that 52 percent of non-office workers plan to quit their jobs over the next year. Key features of Raydiant's Digital Menus app include: Real-time menu updates: Display and update prices, categories, items, modifiers, and availability instantly. For example, restaurants leveraging Square's POS system can schedule menu boards to automatically update based on specific offerings for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Multi-location support and location-specific pricing: Merchants with multiple stores can seamlessly connect to any of their business locations from a single laptop. Display items reflect appropriate prices based on the selected location. Filtering: Allow customers to select items by category and choose whether to display or hide a product or service's details. About Raydiant: Raydiant is the leading in-location experience platform for the world's largest brands in restaurant, retail, hospitality, banking and more. With Raydiant, franchise managers, IT, marketing and communications executives can more effectively scale their brick-and-mortar operations, reduce anxiety from outdated technology oversight, and seamlessly create more engaging and personalized in-store experiences that keep customers coming back and buying more. Raydiant works with nearly 4,500 brands, from SMB to enterprise, including First Bank, Dickey's BBQ, Harvard University, The Salvation Army, Red Bull, Chick-Fil-A, Thomson Reuters, and Wahlburgers. Founded in April 2017, Raydiant is headquartered in San Francisco, California and has raised a total of $50 million from 8VC, Atomic Ventures, Lerer Hippeau, Mark Wahlberg Investments, Bloomberg Beta, Gaingels, Illuminate Ventures, Transmedia Capital, and Ron Conway.

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Commerce Technology Leader Shift4 Launches SkyTab POS, Next-Gen Restaurant Point-of-Sale System

Shift4 | September 08, 2022

Shift4 a global leader in commerce technology, has officially launched SkyTab POS, the company’s next-generation restaurant point-of-sale (POS) system which includes cutting-edge hardware, robust functionality, powerful management tools, and various mobile solutions. SkyTab is a modern, all-in-one technology platform that allows restaurateurs to deliver exceptional guest experiences and manage every aspect of their business. SkyTab’s Android-based software offers robust functionality to modernize and empower foodservice businesses. It includes integrated online ordering and reservations, contactless/QR code ordering and payment, built-in marketing tools and loyalty program, mobile devices for tableside ordering and payment, eGift cards, and much more. SkyTab also features a built-in Marketplace to seamlessly connect popular third-party applications into the POS system, such as DoorDash, DoorDash Drive, Uber Eats, Postmates, and many others. The software’s “hybrid cloud” architecture ensures that restaurants can continue to operate even if there is an internet outage, including the ability to continue processing credit card payments with Shift4’s offline processing capabilities. In addition to these best-in-class capabilities, SkyTab delivers powerful management tools such as advanced reporting and analytics, remote menu management, labor scheduling, and a dedicated mobile app to stay connected on the go. SkyTab launches with proprietary new “space age” hardware, featuring sleek designs, powerful performance, and distinctive coloring. Hardware options include the SkyTab POS workstation with a large customer-facing display; SkyTab Mobile, a handheld mobile device for taking orders and payment at the table; SkyTab Glass, a tablet-based mobile POS option; and a touchscreen kitchen display system to quickly relay orders to the kitchen. SkyTab also includes integrations with several property management systems (PMS) to support restaurants in hotel environments. The PMS integrations available at launch are Oracle OPERA, Innquest, and Ezee. “SkyTab POS is the culmination of Shift4’s decades of experience as a leader in restaurant technology. We currently touch more than one-third of all U.S. restaurants between our various POS brands and our payment processing platform. This deep expertise has uniquely enabled us to develop a technology platform that offers the tools and functionality that modern restaurants need to thrive The SkyTab ecosystem is unmatched on the market today and will only continue to improve.” Mike Russo, Chief Technology Officer at Shift4 SkyTab is already operating in many notable restaurant and venue locations as part of an extensive beta testing period, including Shoney’s, United Center, and Toyota Center, but this is the first time the product has been released for general availability. Anthony Parker, Shoney’s Board Member and Franchisee, stated: “To say that SkyTab POS is robust is an understatement. It is beautiful, sleek, easy to use, and the reporting is top shelf. It is what my company and our brand needs for the future.” SkyTab POS pricing starts at $29.95/month, with no up-front costs – a genuinely disruptive price point that ensures every restaurant has access to the tools they need to succeed.

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Stater Bros. Connects to the NCR Commerce Platform to Strengthen Consumer Relationships

NCR Corporation | July 26, 2022

NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), a leading enterprise technology provider, today announced that Stater Bros. Markets is connected to the NCR Commerce Platform (NCP) to help reduce infrastructure complexity and improve consumer experiences across all sales channels. Stater Bros. is Southern California’s largest privately owned supermarket chain, supported by 18,000 employees through its 171 stores. Stater Bros. implemented NCR Emerald, a cloud-based point of sale (POS) solution that leverages the NCP to unify all technology needed to run the store. Stater Bros. now benefits from the fast, efficient rollout of new capabilities and services such as POS solutions and NCR Emerald’s end-to-end connectivity. “To improve our shoppers’ experience and create new, compelling services, NCR delivered a simplified platform architecture and built-in redundancy for maximum uptime, NCR Emerald checked every box, and as our customers’ needs change, the technology will be able to evolve, which is critically important to our business.” -Gil Salazar, senior vice president of Information Technology, Stater Bros. NCR Emerald allowed Stater Bros. to roll out capabilities to its POS lanes with ease, speed and flexibility, and empowered them to easily deploy more options for its consumers. The company was able to successfully deploy all-new software and lane hardware to all 171 stores in a mere 15 weeks. “NCR Emerald will simplify Stater Bros. store operations and open up connections to the NCP, enabling better data insights and an improved consumer shopping experience, The NCP unifies technology needed to run the store and provides the backbone for new services that further spur innovation.” -David Wilkinson, president and general manager of NCR Retail. NCR helps retailers run their stores from the front end to the back office and beyond, so they can focus on creating meaningful customer experiences. With connectivity that integrates the store, we are your trusted partner by providing solutions that simplify and innovate via our open platform approach. Together, we enable customers to adapt to what’s now and what’s next so they can compete and win in this evolving digital world. About NCR Corporation- NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is a leading enterprise technology provider that runs stores, restaurants and self-directed banking. NCR is headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., with 38,000 employees globally. NCR is a trademark of NCR Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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